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What Makes A Great Auto Mechanic?

auto mechanic

Whether your car is due for an oil change or a major service, finding the right auto mechanic can make all the difference. Traits such as a solid skills base, a wide range of knowledge, and a fair amount of experience all go towards the makings of reputable auto mechanics. A great auto mechanic possesses an intuitive problem-solving ability that handles each vehicle as a unique project.

Here’s a look at these and other qualities that go into the making of a great auto mechanic.

Solid People Skills

Although a large part of an auto technician’s role is to work on the mechanics of a car, customer service skills are still of paramount importance. Every car has an owner who needs to be communicated with at every step in the process. A good mechanic will keep the customer in the loop at every part of the journey, providing helpful feedback when necessary and putting them at ease. People need to be able to trust the person working on their car. They want to know that their auto mechanic will treat the car they are working on as if it’s their own.

Problem-Solving Skills 

Cars are complex machines with many different working parts. Not all cars only require an oil change. Sometimes you may experience an intermittent car problem or niggle that can be hard to diagnose. Great mechanics are able to perform a thorough diagnostic test on a car in order to troubleshoot exactly what the problem is. This requires a multi-faceted approach when it comes to problem-solving. The benefit here is that the mechanic is often able to present multiple solutions to the client, some of which may be more cost-effective. Great mechanics are able to use diagnostic tools effectively and efficiently to figure out what’s wrong as quickly as possible.

Technical Aptitude 

The top mechanics are constantly adapting to new technology that’s being released. They possess the ability to constantly add to their toolbox of knowledge. This involves constant up-skilling and learning in order to be able to utilize the latest diagnostic systems associated with vehicle electronics. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks (FAMW) we ensure that our technicians are kept up to date with the latest technical advancements


Experienced mechanics have worked on a wide range of vehicles. They’ve seen all the problems and have gotten their hands dirty countless times before. Nothing is overwhelming for them and they possess the confidence to take on any challenge. This is something that can’t be bought but is something that comes with time.

An experienced mechanic will know the best and safest way to work on your car. In fact, this is where Foreign Affairs Motorwerks excels. Their team of experienced technicians carries a combined experience of over 125 years. This serves to be invaluable when it comes to troubleshooting complex problems.

Professional Work Ethic

A professional work ethic is easy to identify. Those who possess it value efficiency and don’t waste time standing around. They are always ready to take on a problem and manage their time effectively around what needs to be done. Hard-working, reliable mechanics possess a solid track record and it’s what creates a solid reputation. FAMW has carried a reputation of excellence for years which is largely due to the amazing team of technicians that call FAMW home.

Great Auto Mechanics You Can Count On 

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our team shares a passion for working on great cars. We work on a number of luxury performance vehicles including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. We take pride in every car that is entrusted to us and will guarantee our best work every time. This means you can rest assured that you and your prized possession will receive the very best attention. Call us today at (954) 746-0488.

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