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Mercedes Service: The Most Commonly Ignored Issues

Mercedes service

Mercedes-Benz isn’t one of the world’s most well-known car brands for nothing. Mercedes consistently produces jaw-dropping luxury cars year after year. And when luxury meets high-performance, there is no stopping the appeal that comes with driving a Benz. It’s no surprise then, that Mercedes-Benz are extremely reliable cars. But even the world’s best cars come with their share of issues. These are easy to overlook and can cost you in the long run. Here’s a look at the most commonly ignored Mercedes-Benz issues. By identifying these issues, you’ll be able to give your car the Mercedes service that it deserves.

Tricky Transmissions

Mercedes’ transmissions are pretty solid. But some owners have reported issues with the automatic 13-pin connector.

This connector is a socket where all the transmission wiring gathers. The main challenge is when the connector’s O-rings become worn. The O-rings keep the transmission pins connected and secure. The bad news is that worn-out rings can lead to a transmission fluid leak. You can imagine that a fluid leak isn’t good news with various wires around. It’s best to get your transmission checked out regularly to prevent costly fluid leaks.

Low Brake Pressure

Many Mercedes nowadays are equipped with Sensotronic Brake Control or SBC. This technology is an electro-hydraulic braking system. The SBC provides a high-pressure braking function to aid braking times in emergencies. When the SBC system fails, it can lead to a poorer break response. But it may be worse as there have been instances where braking causes the car to slow to a stop on its own. Make sure you get a professional brake service on a regular basis.

Rusty Patches

Mercedes-Benz’ last a long time. Certain older models, such as the 240D are known to clock up close to a million miles! The longer a car keeps going, the higher the chance of rust developing! If your Mercedes is beginning to age, then it may be time to do a rust inspection. Make sure you have a flashlight to help you identify those darker areas. You’ll need to check areas such as the fenders, beneath the doors, and under the hood. Be sure to use an authorized body panel facility when doing a thorough rust inspection.

Pro Mechanic Tip: Living in South Florida means that your car will be exposed to a lot of sea air. It’s good to get into the habit of washing your car regularly to remove that salty layer. This will help to keep rust away for longer.

Window Regulators

Power windows are more of a convenience than we may realize. Like an outdated auto cassette player, gone are the days of tiring window winding. Window regulators are responsible for this instant convenience. ML and C-Class models are prone to intermittent regulator failure. Luckily, window regulators are easy to replace. Be sure to use a certified Mercedes Service facility when fixing your power windows.

Engine Mounts

Have you been noticing a troublesome vibration when you drive? It could be your engine mounts. Engine mounts tend to loosen over long periods. Mercedes engine mounts are filled with oil to help smooth out any engine vibrations. These mounts tend to leak oil when they age. It’s recommended to get your engine mounts checked around the 100,000-mile mark. Worn mounts can cause excessive vibration in the cabin or on your steering wheel. If you notice a vibration when you’re revving, or idling, then it’s time to visit a Mercedes service repair shop.

Differential Leaks

The E-Class lineup of models is prone to encountering differential leaks. This is particularly the case with higher-mileage models. Differential leaks are caused by pinion and axle seal failures. Over time, they weaken and can begin to deteriorate. Differential leaks can be prevented by investing in a Mercedes service maintenance plan.

Engine Light Flashing

If you’ve ever noticed your engine light coming after filling up with gas? Well, you aren’t alone. Engine lights are known to light up when the gas cap isn’t tightened. There’s a simple fix to this one. Simply ensure that you tighten your gas cap properly whenever you fill-up with gas.

Engine light still coming on? There could be other issues that will need to be checked out by a mechanic.

The Mercedes Service Specialists in Pompano Beach

Foreign affairs Motorwerks boasts an experienced team of diagnostic technicians. No matter how intermittent your Mercedes issue might be, our team will solve it. From advanced troubleshooting to scheduled maintenance checks, we are your guys. Visit our world-class facility in Pompano Beach for all your Mercedes service needs. Call us at (954) 746-0488 or find Foreign Affairs On Facebook for the latest performance updates.

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