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The Importance of Performance Tuning by Specialists


Performance Tuning Works When it’s Done Right

Your car is one of your most prized assets, which is why performance tuning should be vigilantly researched before slapping that snazzy diffuser onto the back of your BMW. If you select a reputable auto specialist to do the job for you, you’ll not only be saving yourself effort and time, but your chances of emerging with results that meet your expectations are far higher.

With cars as mass produced as they are, it’s difficult for the true motoring enthusiast to drive straight out of the showroom with a bespoke model and not pass another guy in the very same vehicle a few miles down the road. So, many of us inevitably turn to customization but in some cases, too eagerly.

What are the risks of using cheap backyard mechanics?
While getting your performance tuning done as quickly and as cheaply as possible may be tempting, you are putting yourself and your vehicle at greater risk. First off, your modified vehicle still needs to be ‘street-legal’ and fit for daily use (unless, of course, your specific vehicle is intended for the track), and not all reputable automobile service centers will know what can and can’t be done. For instance, while a performance exhaust may result in your car being faster and sounding meatier, you can be fined if they are too loud. Another example is dropping your car for that ‘low rider’ look – when done properly, you’ll emerge with a sportier stance and increased grip in the corners. When cheaply done, you run the risk of your car riding too low, compromising other components and challenging state laws.

Tinting of your windows, lighting upgrades (red or blue lights are only permitted on emergency vehicles) and even a new paint job all leave room for error if not handled by a professional. When you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your German sports car, the last thing you want is to have your vehicle impaired in any way.

Why should I consider performance tuning by a reputable specialist?
Quite simply, the professionals have a more extensive motoring knowledge and can therefore enhance certain aspects of your car without compromising others. As mentioned upfront, mass production means loss of individuality. Once you’ve chosen your performance tuning specialist, your options are pretty much endless. If you’re still unclear of where to begin – but know that increased performance is the goal – then wider tires are a popular modification and for good reason: they look good, provide extra traction and if you own an older German classic, newer tires can offer a number of dynamic advantages over those originally specified. A quicker-ratio steering system is the perfect partner to your suspension or tire upgrades.

If you’re after enhanced aesthetics, the quality of parts used is as important as those beneath the shiny sheet metal. For an instantly more appealing look, even a subtle body kit can make a huge difference. Here, again, a specialist will be able to fit a body kit that complements the existing profile of your car, instead of spoiling it with ill-fitting panels or mismatched colors.

In all cases, a vast knowledge of cars and the broader motoring industry is vital when looking for the right performance tuning specialist. Do your research, plan well, and you’ll be assured of driving away in a unique car that suits your style and which will have owners of the humdrum versions green with envy.

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