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10 of the Most Overlooked Auto Maintenance Checks

auto maintenance

When you’re cruising down East Atlantic Boulevard, you’re loving life. With the top down, the fresh sea breeze in your hair, nothing can get you down. Then you notice that your wiper fluid is out, and you can’t clear the view. Squeaky brakes draw attention, but not the kind you want. The transmission starts sounding like a spoiled child with its incessant whining. These mood-killers could have been avoided if you’d not forgotten to get the right maintenance for your car. Read on as we discuss some of the most commonly overlooked auto maintenance checks.

Windshield Wipers

The humble windshield wiper is one of the most commonly overlooked items. They do their job so well that it’s only when it rains or when you clean your windshield that you notice something is not right! The blade portion of a wiper is usually made from silicone or rubber composite. With exposure to the powerful South Florida sunshine, the blades will perish and crack. You don’t want to get caught in a sudden downpour and put your safety at risk. Get those windshield wipers checked twice a year for peace of mind.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Don’t forget to refill the wiper fluid. It’s damaging to your wipers to run dry on the windshield. By using a FAM-approved fluid, you will guarantee fewer streaks. The correct fluid will:

  • lubricate the windshield surface
  • dissolve grease
  • transport the dirt away from the viewing area


Think of tires in this way – the only contact that your car has with the ground is its tires. For that reason alone, they’re critically important. Modern technology has made tires last extremely well, but they can only go so far. Get a qualified technician to check your tires. The tread must be within legal and safety limits and there should be no damages to the side walls. Uneven wear on tires could mean that something else needs attention…

Wheel Alignment

As mentioned above, if your wheel alignment is out, you could get uneven wear on your tires. This can lead to a waste of good tread since one-half of the tire is still fine while the other half needs replacing. Added to the uneven wear, you may also notice that your car pulls to one side of the road. You may also experience squealing tires, noisy steering, and a steering wheel that appears to be turned while you are driving straight. When did you last have the alignment checked as part of your routine auto maintenance?

Power Steering Fluid

Noisy steering could also be a sign that you have neglected to replace your power steering fluid. If you want the biceps of a 1980s era Arnold, then you should try steering a car with a failing power steering system! Power steering is an oil-based pump system. The power steering fluid keeps the pump lubricated and also is the medium for the hydraulic forces. No fluid, no power, it’s as simple as that. Power steering fluid absorbs water over time, and this will cause corrosion inside the system if not replaced regularly.


The type of engine in your car is called an Internal Combustion Engine. The combustion part talks about a series of tiny explosions taking place in your car’s engine every single revolution. The heat that is generated needs to be removed from the engine to keep it running smoothly. The coolant absorbs that heat from the engine parts and carries it to the radiator where the heat is dissipated. Coolant needs regular checkups as it too will corrode the cooling system over time.

Auto Maintenance Pro Tip: Flush your coolant every two years to keep the system in its healthiest state. Fresh coolant leads to fewer issues with broken parts and corrosion.


A car’s transmission “transmits” the power that the engine generates into the drivetrain of the car. There are a lot of places that require fluid in a car and the transmission is no different. Changing transmission fluids is a technically difficult and involved process. Let our master technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks check that your transmission fluid levels are good. They’ll also check that it is clean for proper functioning. They’ll know what the optimal service intervals are for your European beauty.

Timing Belt

The crankshaft and camshaft are connected by the timing belt. Your engine will not run without a timing belt. If anything happens and it breaks while the engine is running, the damage could run into thousands of dollars. Make sure you have your timing belt checked every 50 – 60,000 miles. An experienced technician will also be able to pick up tell-tale signs of wear and inform you if it needs replacement.

Lights, Lights, Lights!

Remember to check the following lights in and on your vehicle. They are important for safety, and legal reasons.

  • Headlights – both headlights on low-beam and high-beam must be functional
  • Taillights – critical for other drivers to see what you intend doing on the road as well as where you are at night
  • Fog Lights – Make sure you can see and be seen by making sure your fog lights are operational.
  • License Plate Lights – Your license plate must be illuminated by white light and visible from 50 feet.

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter keeps the air inside the cabin free from dust and debris. Maintain the air quality by checking the filter and replacing it when dirty. Breathe easier and have those filters checked.

Call Foreign Affairs Motorwerks For All Your Auto Maintenance

With over 35 years in the auto maintenance industry, we understand your needs and the needs of your European motor vehicle. Give us a call on (954) 746-0488 and we’ll make sure those maintenance items never get overlooked again!

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