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Audi Repair: Don’t Drive With A Chipped Windshield

Chipped Windshield

Most drivers know the pain of having to replace a windshield after the tiniest rock created the biggest chip. As soon as drivers notice that their windshield is chipped, they should get to the nearest Audi repair shop, but to some drivers a chipped windshield is nothing more than an inconvenience. Let’s discuss the dangers of driving with a chipped windshield, what the law says about it and provide some tips to prevent a chip finding its way onto your windshield.

Dangers Of Driving With A Chipped Windshield

Chipped windshields are common and can happen to anyone – even the most careful Audi drivers. This is because your windshield is arguably the most delicate part of your vehicle. While the other parts of your car remain hidden, your windshield is exposed and is tasked with protecting you, which is why its maintenance should be a priority. A chipped windshield can seem harmless, but if left untreated it can expand into a crack and reduce driving visibility. The risk of your windshield shattering increases too. Decreased driving visibility makes you a risk to other road users and could result in a wrongful accident, while a shattered windshield could cause serious injury to you and your passengers. The cost of repairing a small crack is a small price to pay to prevent these dangers.

What The Law Says About Driving With A Chipped Windshield

A number of States have passed laws to prohibit driving with a chipped windshield. In Florida it is only required that windshields be in good condition and that the driver’s vision should not obstructed. This is in line with federal regulations that require a chip’s diameter to be smaller than ¾-inch. These regulations also determine where chips can be as the law prohibits chips that are close to the top of steering wheels.

How To Prevent Chips On Your Audi’s Windshield

Although you can’t always control whether or not your windshield will be chipped, prevention is cheaper than cure. Here are some things you can do to decrease your chances of getting a chipped window:

  1. Drive At A Distance

    Maintaining a distance between you and the car in front of you can lessen your chances of getting a chipped windshield. Chips and cracks often happen because of the tires of the car in front of you – they fling little rocks when they pull away too quickly. Driving at a distance can help reduce the number of little rocks flung at your Audi.

  2. Watch The Weather

    Severe weather conditions like hailstorms or harsh rain can cause a lot of damage to your windshield. Try to be aware of the weather and park your car somewhere safe when natural disasters threaten the quality of your windshield.

  3. Regular Windshield Maintenance

    Windshield maintenance forms part of Audi scheduled maintenance as secondary system maintenance. With regular maintenance, small chips can be spotted before they become big cracks that require the whole windshield to be replaced. All chips are potentially dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Help! My Windshield Is Chipped

If the unthinkable has happened it is important to get in touch with Foreign Affairs Motorsport at the first sight of a chip. To prevent the chip from worsening, before you come by our Pompano Beach workshop, you can place clear tape over the chip to prevent dirt from expanding it. Do not wash your car as the materials used can damage your windshield even further. Get your vehicle to us as soon as possible. Our master technicians will take it from there and repair any damage to your windshield.

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