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Essential Porsche Performance Parts For Speed

Porsche Performance Parts For Speed

Over the years Porsche’s have become synonymous with ideas of quality, style, and luxury. In recent years Porsche high performance vehicles have placed amongst the fastest vehicles on the track and on the market. For those with a love for speed, there is always room for improvement. Here are 5 Porsche performance parts for speed that will take your vehicle to the next level.

Available Porsche Performance Parts

Before you start installing performance parts, it is important to meet with an experienced technician who will able to balance your desire for speed with your vehicle’s practical capacities. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we’ve performed many Porsche repairs caused by poor workmanship and incorrect installation. Although the available performance parts depend on your vehicle’s specifications, the essential parts for speed upgrades are:

  1. Air Intake Systems

    Air intake systems are a key part in powering your vehicle’s engine. An air intake system works by combining oxygen and fuel to convert into the mechanical energy that’s responsible for powering your vehicle. Without a good air intake system, your engine will use more fuel to power up and is less likely to function at its best. The three main types of air intake systems are:

    • Cold Air Intake
    • Short Ram Air Intake
    • Stock Air Intake

    Not all air intake systems are created equal though. It’s important to find one that best suits your vehicle’s engine as an incorrect installation might decrease your vehicle’s performance.

  2. Exhaust System

    Exhaust upgrades are among the most common upgrades to improve your vehicle’s acceleration and sound. Exhaust systems transport exhaust gases away from your engine to prevent combustion and overheating. Upgrading your Porsche’s exhaust system will not only improve the way your vehicle sounds and the way your engine sings, it will also expel unwanted gasses faster and result in increased speed and fuel efficiency. The Porsche stock exhaust system is designed to reduce noise pollution and environmental damage.

  3. Tires

    A high-performance vehicle should have performance tires to ensure maximum speed. Tires that are flat or in poor condition will slow down your vehicle and decrease fuel efficiency. High-performance tires are made from a harder rubber to decrease erosion and everyday wear and tear. The type of tire you choose depends on what you use your vehicle for. Get in touch with your nearest Pompano Beach automotive technician to help you determine which brand is best for your vehicle.

  4. Turbocharging

    Turbocharging works by reducing gas density to improve your engine’s volumetric efficiency. By increasing air intake, your vehicle’s speed will increase too. Turbocharging your Porsche will virtually double its power and improve your overall driving experience. It’s important to note that turbocharging will only work if your engine is in great condition. If it is not, installation will have the adverse effect and can cause more problems than you need. This is why it’s important to communicate with a professional who is familiar with Porsche performance upgrades, to ensure that your upgrade isn’t really a downgrade.

  5. Computer System

    Your Porsche’s computer system controls virtually all the aspects of your vehicle, including how it performs and what it emits into the environment. Fine tuning the computer system goes together with upgrading your vehicle’s exhaust system, air intake system and even turbocharging. This upgrade will let you determine where energy goes and how it is utilized for speed. When tuning the computer system, it is important to contact a professional, because not all vehicle’s computer systems can be tuned. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, our technicians are experienced in high performance repairs and upgrades and will be able to determine if your vehicle is eligible for a computer tuning.

Contact us today for all your Porsche performance upgrades. Our technicians are experienced and eager to help make your speedy dreams a reality.

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