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Auto Detailing: Is It Worth It?

Auto Detailing

You love your luxury car, so perhaps you’re considering auto detailing for it. But is it worth all the effort? Let’s look at some of the ways this process is good for your car, and some of the common objections people have for not doing it (which we debunk).

Why Some People (Mistakenly) Don’t Invest In Auto Detailing

Before you decide to get your car detailed, here are some of the common reasons why some car owners choose not to get detailing:

It’s Expensive

Many clients seem to think that a good detailing job should cost a fortune. However, this isn’t exactly true. A proper detail will last a very long time – potentially for your entire ownership – if it’s maintained.

Our advice would be to bite the bullet and have a full detail with the necessary level of paint correction done, once. It is easy to keep up a good detail by simply washing the auto once a month. You don’t even need to do this professionally – a Saturday morning should have it covered.

It’s Product-Intensive

It’s true that we’ve written the definitive guide on auto detailing but we believe that the bare minimum products you need to detail is:

  1. A vacuum cleaner.
  2. A hose.
  3. Two buckets.
  4. Two microfiber towels.
  5. A decent car 2-in-1 shampoo.
  6. A chamois leather to dry off the glass
  7. Three hours of your time

Detailing Messes Up The Paint

This is true if done by someone who is unprofessional. Some detailing shops overuse or recycle their water without filtering it properly, which can damage the paint. If you think you aren’t skilled enough to do it yourself (after reading our guides) we suggest that you ask your trusted shop for advice on where to go.

Auto painting is expensive, and a cheap detail can end up costing much more in scratched paint or glass. A reputable shop will always have insurance, so if anything happens to your pride and joy while in their care, they are entitled to fix it free of charge.

Why You Should Invest In Auto Detailing

Now that we’ve debunked common myths about detailing, let’s talk about some of the reasons why it’s great for your car:

It Provides An Admiration Factor

A well-detailed auto is admired. Have you ever noticed a random auto that you wouldn’t normally, simply because it sparkled? Want your auto to be noticed? The answer is simple. Whether you drive the Porsche GT3 or a Ford Focus, detail it.

Boost The Pride factor

You take pride in your appearance, so why not in your auto? There is something special about stepping into a freshly cleaned car.

It Preserves Resale Value

Road grime contains a lot of nasty chemicals from bitumen, burned fuel, oil and rubber. All of these don’t do the paint any favors. A good detailing one cleans up the outer shell and ensures that your paint’s UV protective layer remains intact.

On the inside, regular leather care prevents cracking (especially around the dash) and eliminates nasty odors before they wreak havoc on the AC system. Maintaining your car with detailing will guarantee getting a good price for it one day, should you ever decide to sell it.

Auto Detailing And More In South Florida

Whether you’re in need of detailing or other repairs, there’s no one else that South Floridians trust with their luxury cars than Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. Call us today at 954-746-0488.

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