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FAMTactics GT4 Porsche Performance Upgrades

Porsche performance upgrades

Foreign Affairs have taken the versatile 2016 GT4 and installed some world-class Porsche performance upgrades that will ‘wow’ any passionate track-racer. Even though this car can also be a day-to-day Porsche, the performance upgrades and vehicle enhancements that it has undergone make it a machine on concourse and track. Every vehicle is altered in some way from its factory condition, customizing it to suit tracks like Sebring, Homestead and Daytona.

The GT4 is already impressive, but Foreign Affairs Motorsports have taken it a step further, as showcased at the Plantation Heritage Park for the Porsche Concours d’Elegance. With a wide range of performance tuning, you’re sure to fall in love with the new design. As Bobby Varela describes it, to be able to use the vehicle in a fun way, but maintain and preserve its condition, is really the essence of Porsche.

Before hearing it directly from the expert in European auto repair, Bobby Varela, here’s a list of some of the ways in which the experts have outfitted the GT4 for the track (even the little things make a big difference!):

  1. Customized Foreign Affairs Porsche graphic
  2. Additional fixed fire extinguisher bracket
  3. Carbon fiber custom center piece and rail
  4. Full race suspension
  5. Akropovich full exhaust system
  6. Intake throttle body
  7. Additional harness belts
  8. Carbon inlay steering wheel
  9. Special software
  10. Enhanced pedals such as fluid, pad compound and router
  11. Race brakes
  12. Polish and clear vinyl paint protection on the front

Get a closer look at this gorgeous GT4 in our latest episode of FAMTactics!

BOBBY VARELA: Hello and thank you. This is another installment of FAMTactics. We’re here today at Plantation Heritage Park for the Porsche Concours d’Elegance. Today Foreign Affairs is showcasing their GT4. Here we have our 2016 GT4 – it is a daily car, it’s a track car, and it’s a concourse car. This vehicle is hosting a variety of special upgrades that we’ve done. As you walk around and take a look you will see we did our own spin on the Porsche graphic through the center of the hood adding the Foreign Affairs nomenclature. If we come around to the interior on this side we’ve added a fire extinguisher bracket so we can have a fire extinguisher at the bottom. So, if you see in the front of the passenger seat on the floor you will see a little bracket in the front of the seat. I don’t have the extinguisher in there now, but that’s the bracket for it. As we travel to the back of the vehicle you will notice a variety of slightly different things than factory. We have a carbon fiber carbon fiber custom centerpiece with a carbon-fiber custom rail cover and we have some GRZ cartridges in the back. This vehicle has a full race suspension. This vehicle is also outfitted with Akropovich full exhaust system, software, intake throttle body. We added to carbon inlay to the steering wheel, we’ve made a change on the pedals, and this vehicle also has some harness belts which are hidden in the back behind the seat.

So, this vehicle is showcased with a lot of different extras, one of them is race brakes, okay. Porsche outfits the car with a substantial caliper and brake rotor size and we make additional changes to strengthen it – fluid, pad compound, rotor – all of that makes a difference. This vehicle also was paint corrected. You know we do a lot of concourses with this car, a lot of people don’t know about paint correction but it’s the new polish. There is no detail anymore, there’s no wax anymore, per say. Yes, wax exist but the idea of waxing your car, it’s on a whole different level now. This car was paint corrected, you will be hard-pressed to find swirls in the paint, believe me. We’ve spent a lot of time on this car. It also has clear vinyl on the front end to give it some protection and, and that’s probably the cool thing about it is you’ll see some battle scars. There are some chips in it, but it’s not in the paint, it’s in the clear vinyl. So, in the essence of trying to preserve the car as best we can, but still use it and have fun with it… isn’t that what a Porsche is for?

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