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FAMTactics Talks BMW Performance Parts For Wheels

BMW performance parts

It can be a challenge to anticipate the correct lug for a vehicle, which is where BMW performance parts come into play. A lug nut fastens the wheel onto the vehicle and is a fundamental feature of any car. Even though there will be differences between each vehicle – such as the intended use of that particular vehicle – larger wheels tend to be preferable. However, it is important to remember that each car has its own individual regulations in this regard as well. This will differ depending on whether the car is going to be for daily use only, or if the driver plans to take it out on the track as well.

Foreign Affairs Motorsport converts 4 lug nuts to 5 lug nuts in a project known as E30 – Bobby Varela gives a live demonstration of a changeover using BMW performance parts in the video below. Only the correct type of wheel can be fitted onto the new lugs, so it’s vital that a professional should do this type of vehicle performance upgrade. Wheel-lug torque is determined by the type of lug, too, so it makes a big difference to the drive overall. The end result sees clients being able to fit their vehicle with bigger pads, bigger rotors and a much larger break caliper on the car.

One of the advantages of the BMW performant parts is that the options for wheel fitments are more extensive after the change is complete. Also, there are more options when it comes to the stock pads, which are much bigger after the change is complete and a KW variant 1 derivative suspension can be used. All of this makes for a better ride, a better experience and an improved vehicle. Take a look at our latest FAMTactics installment to find out more. Don’t forget to tune in every second Friday to keep up to speed on our next episodes.

BOBBY VARELA: Hi I’m Bobby Varela with Foreign Affairs Motorsport and thank you for joining us for our next installment of FAMTactics. Today, with our project E30, we are doing a 4 lug to 5 lug conversion. So, for easy illustration purposes I have the aftermarket original set of wheels that were on the car just previously – 4 lug. We are switching to 5 lug for variety of different reasons. One, gives us many more wheel fitments. Two, we can fit a much larger brake caliper on the car. This was the stock one – look at the stock pads, really small. This is going to be our choice of next. Look at how big the pads are going to be and the rotor. We use a slotted derivative for this car, this is going to be a daily user car. This is the suspension – we use a KW variant 1 derivative, gives us some great adjustability for both height and dampening, and a great overall ride – both aggressive and conservative, however you choose to drive. So, project E30, thank you.

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