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Improve Your Cars Performance With Wagner Tuning Intercoolers

Wagner Tuning intercoolers

Heat is the enemy of performance. In the pursuit of better performance, tuners try all kinds of things to keep engines cool. Better radiators, transmission, and oil coolers, more robust fans, better-designed shrouds, and air intakes. While boosting an engine with turbos or superchargers is one of the easiest ways to increase performance dramatically, but introduces a lot more heat to the engine. The best way to counter the heat is by running the compressed air through an intercooler, and the best intercoolers? Well, they’re from a Wagner Tuning

Understanding How Boost Increases Heat​​​​​​

Turbos and superchargers look so different it’s hard to believe that they serve the same purpose. Simply put, they take the air from the intakes, compress it, and send that compressed air into the intake manifolds. More air in the combustion chambers means more needs to be sprayed in to keep the air-fuel ratio steady. More fuel plus more air equals more performance

The issue arises when the air is compressed. As the air is being compressed, the air particles have less area to move around, which causes them to collide more frequently, generating a lot of heat. If this air isn’t cooled before entering the engine, it has nowhere else to go and is transferred to the engine, further increasing engine temperature

Who Are Wagner Tuning?​​​​​​

Wagner Tuning is an aftermarket tuning company based out of Dessau-Roßlau, Germany, and has been one of the leading intercooler producers since their foundation in 2002. Wagner Tuning became famous as one of the go-to brands for intercooler upgrades on Porsche 911 and Volkswagen Golf GTIs in Europe. The increased use of turbochargers, their expertise, and superior build quality have made them one of the biggest names in cooling.

What Makes Wagner Tuning Intercoolers Special​​​​​​

Three main things make Wagner Tuning intercoolers a massive improvement over factory intercoolers. Most OEM parts manufacturers use plastic end tanks that are prone to cracking with heat cycles and are not suited for increased boost. Wagner Tuning uses cast metal end tanks that are welded to the core, which allows the intercooler to handle increased levels of boost and heat

Secondly, the intercooler cores make use of more passes. A pass is the number of times the air passes through the fins of the intercooler. The more passes the air makes, the greater the amount of heat that can be transferred. Wagner also uses thicker intercooler cores that allow for longer fins and thicker tubing to help move more air through the intercooler

Finally, all Wagner Tuning intercoolers are handmade and tested strenuously before shipping, ensuring that every intercooler is of the highest quality and will be ready for any performance application. Wagner Tuning offers custom-made intercooler solutions, which allow customers to change every aspect of their intercooler so that it perfectly suits their needs

Wagner Tuning Authorized Installer In Pompano Beach​​​​​​

All Wagner Tuning products are available from the Wagner Tuning Online Store. Custom order parts will require you to contact their sales team in order to discuss your specific needs. Once you’ve received your shiny new intercooler, make sure you don’t waste any time and book your car in with Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, an authorized Wagner Tuning Dealer, by calling us (954) 746-0488.

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