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6 of the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Ride

BMW and Audi repair

Add a Nifty Modification to Your BMW or Audi Repair Job

Your Audi or BMW repair is out of necessity, but your modifications are by choice. For many car owners, delving into the world of car upgrades is done with some trepidation.

What if your expectations aren’t met? Is your car not good enough as it is? Will those coilovers really make a difference in the corners?

Thankfully, the spectrum of car modification is unbelievably broad. We’re going to be sticking to the slimmer end of that spectrum, and looking at some effective car mods that won’t break the bank.

Short Throw Shifter
While it’s more of a rarity these days to find a clear space of road to really see what your car can do – when the opportunity does present itself – you want to savor every inch of the experience. A short throw shifter does exactly what it says on the tin: namely, the distance between gears is reduced, decreasing shifting distance by around 40%, and giving you more time to focus on not scaling the mountainside.

Get Better Brakes
While most of us think of car mods as a means to making your car go faster (not slower), confidence-inspiring brakes will make using your car’s performance a more gratifying experience. For a relatively small outlay, you can get yourself better-quality brake pads which will not only reduce your stopping time, but give you superior feel. They’ll also last longer under repeatedly heavy braking.

Bigger Anti-Roll Bars
You can keep your car level through corners, and improve general road-holding with larger anti-roll bars. These kits are not incredibly expensive, and if you don’t mind a slightly firmer ride quality, you’ll be able to enjoy taking corners at higher velocities than you previously felt comfortable with. A bolt-on performance upgrade, it’s also relatively simple to install.

Take A Seat
If you’re nervy about mechanical upgrades but want that sensation of driving something special, then performance seats could be for you. With improved body support, your contact points with the pedals, steering wheel and gearlever will be better maintained during sharp maneuvers. They can often be specified with extras such as seat heaters and even airbags, and most will make your interior look and feel a lot more special.

Hot Performance with A Cold Air Intake
You can enhance the performance and efficiency of your car by fitting a cold air intake. Replacing the original air box/filter combination can deliver more air to your engine, increasing its power output while also giving you a few extra miles per tank. If your car is older, it’s also likely out of manufacturer warranty (so the risk of voiding that is gone), but do check if there are any implications with your insurer.

Remapping Your Engine Control Unit (ECU)
Using an array of sensors to control aspects such as idle speed as well as your ratio of air to fuel, your ECU has everything to do with the way your car performs. Reputable performance tuning workshops will be able to reprogram the characteristics of your ECU by linking with your vehicle’s diagnostic port. You can see instant performance gains and, if coupled with that cold air intake, and something like a free flow exhaust, your results will be that much more pleasing.

So It’s Easy to Modify My Car Then?
The short answer? YES! Many of these modifications can be completed in a day. That said, your car deserves the best, so do your homework beforehand to ensure you’re paying the right price, and be as clear as possible about what your goals are.

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