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OEM vs Aftermarket Parts For Your Next Mercedes Benz Service

Mercedes Benz Service

Even the best cared for Mercedes Benz vehicles still require new parts at some point. But should you opt for original equipment manufacturer parts or aftermarkets parts? Let’s unpack the pros and cons of each option to help you to make an informed decision next time you go in for a Mercedes Benz service and need a replacement part.

What’s The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Original Manufacturer Parts are manufactured by the same company that made your original component for Mercedes Benz. An OEM part is identical to the original part that was fitted to your Vehicle. Aftermarket parts on the other hand have been made by a different company to that of the original manufacturer. Also known as ‘generic’ parts, or ‘competitive’ replacement parts, aftermarket parts are built to cater for a variety of vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at some pros and cons of each.

Pros of Aftermarket Parts

  • Affordable
    The main upside of aftermarket parts is that they are generally cheaper then OEM parts. As there are different brands on offer, you can shop around to find a good price. Be aware though that some aftermarkets brands are better than others and cheaper isn’t always better.
  • Great Quality Parts
    In many instances, aftermarket parts function the same or even better than OEM parts. Often, aftermarket companies ‘reverse engineer’ the part in order to identify weaknesses in the original design. At times, this can result in an aftermarket part being even more effective than an OEM part.
  • Availability
    Aftermarket parts are readily available at many specialist motorsport facilities. This makes them easier to access and helps shorted the repair process due to availability. There is also a good variety of aftermarkets parts around.

Pros of OEM Parts

  • Perceived Quality
    The expectation is that the OEM part should work exactly the same and look exactly the same as the part it’s replacing. There is the element of familiarity and peace of mind involved, however, keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily always true.
  • Easy Choice
    As there is only one part to choose from, there is no confusion when choosing the part. There is no need to decide which part is best or which price to right as there is only one part and one price.
  • Includes A Backed Warranty
    An OEM part comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. You can also take your Mercedes back to the dealer to get the part checked out as the warranty is generally linked through the dealer.

Cons of Aftermarket Parts

  • Quality Can Vary
    As there are different manufacturers to choose from, the quality can vary. Don’t go too cheap with aftermarket brands. Rather stick to brands that are recommended by us as your trusted auto repair facility for your Mercedes Benz.
  • Questionable Warranty
    Some aftermarket parts are sold without a warranty, so it’s important to check the warranty information be-fore making use of aftermarket parts. As a reputable repair facility, at Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we always ensure that our parts include a warranty for your peace of mind.

Cons of OEM Parts

  • More Expensive
    OEM parts usually cost more than aftermarket parts. As there is no competition in the OEM arena, there is no need for competitive pricing. Dealers will often apply big mark ups on OEM parts. Although this pricing has been improving more recently, OEM parts are still considerably more expensive.
  • Limited Availability
    OEM parts aren’t always in stock at the dealer and need to sometimes be ordered in. This can be highly inconvenient for the customer who needs to wait for a part to arrive at the dealer. Depending on what the part is, this may leave you without the use of your vehicle for a few days.
  • Quality Is Not Always Better
    OEM parts are not always better quality. Many aftermarket parts have been developed and can sometimes surpass the quality level of an OEM part. Sometimes you are unfortunately paying for the name and it’s worth taking this into consideration.

Make The Wise Choice

At the end of the day, it’s definitely worth considering using trusted aftermarket parts. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we only install reputable and trusted aftermarket parts. Combined with our highly skilled team or mechanics and technicians, you can be rest assured that you Mercedes Benz is getting the best treatment possible.

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