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Our Favorite Custom Exhaust Systems: 2022 Edition

custom exhaust systems

The sound of a roaring engine is music to any petrol head’s ears, but unfortunately stricter emissions laws have led to newer cars having more stifled and muted exhausted notes. Luckily for us, there are several aftermarket companies that are finding new innovations in custom exhaust technology to help give your car the roar it deserves. From new materials and unique designs, we look at the best custom exhaust systems of 2022.

Akrapovič CMC

Made famous by their brutal motorbike exhaust systems, Akrapovič has been one of, if not the go-to, aftermarket exhaust manufacturers since expanding into the car world. Their newest line of custom exhaust systems makes use of a new technology called Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) and is an ultra-lightweight material.

Before the release of CMC exhausts, titanium was the go-to material for high-performance exhausts as it is 45% lighter than steel with the same amount of strength. CMC takes this to a whole new level as it is roughly 50% lighter than an equivalent titanium exhaust.

The first set of CMC exhausts will be a limited production run of 20 individually numbered exhausts and hand-crafted rear carbon fiber diffusers for the 991.2 generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS. However, Akrapovič has confirmed that they are looking to bring this exhaust technology to more models and offer kits to fabricate custom exhaust solutions.

Dinan Valved Exhausts

While Dinan only offers parts for BMW, Mini, and Mercedes-Benz, there’s no denying the quality of their exhaust systems. Dinan offers consumers the best of both worlds with their aftermarket exhausts by designing them to work with factory exhaust valves or with retrofit exhaust valves with their valve controller and remote. This gives owners the option to have a roaring straight piped exhaust on the track, and a tamed refined exhaust on the road.

Dinan manufacturers all their exhausts from high-grade stainless steel. which doesn’t rust with the salty South Florida air. They also allow consumers to mix and match different mid-pipes, resonators, mufflers, and exhaust to create a truly unique exhaust. Note that will also bring out the maximum performance gains of all other Dinan performance products.


This family owned business has been making the highest quality performance exhausts for all cars from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen and everything in between. What makes Supersprint special isn’t their selection of supported vehicles, but rather the time they take to research and develop custom exhaust systems for every car, with a priority set on performance gains, while creating a truly breathtaking note.

Every Supersprint is custom made and hand welded to ensure superior quality and finish. Almost every car supported by Supersprint has several options available when selecting components, which vary from exhaust tip options to cat or catless, resonated or not, all the way to the material the exhaust is made of and the finish.

Custom Exhaust Systems & Specialists in Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is an authorized dealer for custom exhaust systems and tuning brands, which include ABT, Akrapovič, APR, AMS, Cobb, FVD Brombacher, BBI, and Supersprint. We guarantee that we can find the perfect exhaust system to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an entirely new exhaust, or simply want to improve or repair your current exhaust, look no further than Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, South Florida’s Premier luxury auto repair, performance & race facility since 1978!

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