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Our Mechanic Discusses How Your Driving Habits Affect Your Car


Throughout all areas of our life, we tend to pick up bad habits. Bad driving habits remain unchanged because the damage being done to our car can’t be seen. This is the problem, just because the damage can’t be seen doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. After maintaining and repairing cars since the 1980’s, our mechanics have a lot of experience dealing with these types of problems.

Here are 10 bad driving habits to avoid if you want to save your car from premature wear and your wallet from costly repairs.

1. Speeding Over Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps were designed to slow cars down, protecting both our cars and our neighborhoods. Sometimes when we’re running late though, there’s no stopping us! Going over a speed bump at too high a speed can compromise your car’s wheel alignment, not to mention put your neighborhood in danger.

2. Riding The Brakes

Traveling downhill, we often keep our foot pressed on the brake to avoid the feeling of being in a runaway car. Ironically, the thing making us feel safer may be the thing putting us at a greater risk. Riding the brakes can cause overheating which reduces the stopping ability of your car’s braking system.

3. Ignoring Warning Signs

Fresh out of the festive season, having your car’s dashboard light up may feel like an extension of the Christmas spirit, but trust me it’s not! These warning signs are your car telling you that something is wrong, in the only way that it knows how. Ignoring these cries for help could result in costly repairs or irreplaceable damage to your car’s engine.

4. Forgetting the Parking Brake

No matter the terrain, the parking brake should be used every time you park your car. Failure to use the parking brake causes premature wear and added stress on other parts of the car, automatic and manual cars alike.

5. Driving On An Empty Tank

Driving with a tank close to empty is a risky business. There’s no real way of telling how much further fuel can take you because it all depends on the terrain being driven! Fuel plays a role in cooling and lubricating the fuel pump which means that driving when your fuel light is on, places strain on the pump and may cause overheating.

6. From Reverse To Drive Without Stopping

Ever been in a hurry and changed from “reverse” into gear without stopping? This abrupt change in direction places unnecessary pressure on your transmission and driveline components. Changing from “reverse” into gear without coming to a stop may cause an uncomfortable shudder, ending in a costly repair.

7. Fighting Potholes

Potholes know no boundaries and are the bane of people’s existence, all over the world. Making for more than a bumpy ride, driving straight into a pothole could damage your car’s suspension, steering, and alignment.

8. Revving The Engine

Lubrication is essential when it comes to moving parts of a car. When a car hasn’t been used for a few hours, the oil from the engine has moved back to the oil pan. Revving your engine before the oil has had a chance to coat the internal components can damage them.

9. Resting On The Gearstick

While the gearstick may be a comfortable resting position for your hand while driving, having two hands on the steering wheel is better for both you and your car. Your hand adds extra weight to the transmission bushings and allows for potential internal and premature wear.

10. Sudden Starts And Stops

Flooring the gas pedal when the traffic light turns green is alright because cars were made to be driven fast, right? Wrong! This quick start significantly reduces your car’s gas mileage. Similar to sudden starts, sudden stops place stress and wear on your car’s components.

Bad habits are hard to shake but changing the way you drive could keep you safe. Premature wear on components of your car could place you and your family in danger during your travels- make the changes before its too late. For any other questions regarding your vehicle, the experienced and trusted team at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks would more than happy to help! Call us today at 954-746-0488.

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