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Porsche Repair: Five Things You May Be Doing Wrong

porsche repair

Porsche is one of the world’s most recognizable luxury sports vehicles. As a Porsche owner, you want to ensure that your car remains in the best condition possible, leaving you to enjoy pure driving pleasure. Drivers often think that major accidents are the only cause that will result in visiting a Porsche repair shop but neglect to follow proper and frequent maintenance.

Below are five things that could help you in maintaining your Porsche and prevent costly repairs.

Starting Up Correctly

Once your car has been stationary for some time, part of the engine would not be lubricated by oil due to inactivity. Immediately starting your car and driving off without a proper warm-up, could cause damage to some parts of your engine. When starting your car, ensure you let the engine run a bit so that oil can be distributed to all parts of the engine before driving.

Regularly Checking Engine Oil and Water

While many car owners think that engine lights are just cautionary and don’t require immediate attention; this is untrue for the oil light.

Oil is extremely important in regulating heat and friction within the engine. Generally speaking, Porsche recommends changing your oil every 10,000 miles but this is largely dependent on driving behavior. Regularly check your oil and only use Porsche recommended oil to ensure your engine remains healthy.

Other tips for monitoring your oil levels:

  • Never Let Your Oil Run Dry

    Parts of your car could be damaged as a result of them not being sufficiently lubricated with oil. Never let your oil run dry.

  • Adding Too Much Oil Will Cause Damage To Your Engine

    The main function of oil is to ensure parts are properly lubricated. Adding too much oil results in foam production which limits this function. It also means that more oil mist than needed is produced and carried through to the combustion chamber. Too much oil could significantly impact engine performance.

  • Know When To Change Your Oil

    If the oil dipstick is transparent, it’s still in good condition. Once you notice any murkiness or dark residue, a change is required.

  • Adding Both Water And Coolant To Your Radiator

    For best results, add 50% water and 50% coolant in your radiator. Untreated water boils faster in warmer temperatures and freezes quicker in colder weather, leading to an earlier need for replenishment.

Maintain Your Service Plan And Do Safety Checks

Only let an experienced and professional repair center, like Foreign Affairs Motorsport, service your Porsche. Follow your service plan mileage and ensure your minor and major services are completed in time. It’s also recommended to do safety checks on your vehicle every six months. This should be completed by a professional, who will assess the vital parts of your car.

The Right Way To Jack Up

Although jacking up your car is seen as a simple task, you could dent your car sills if it’s not done correctly. Perform the jacking on solid ground and stay clear of soft earth. If the jack is unstable, it will collapse and damage your car upon impact with the ground.

Jumpstarting Your Car Is More Than Connecting Two Batteries

Just connecting two batteries to jumpstart your car could cause unintended damage. A rapid increase in power could negatively impact your control box. Most control boxes are extremely sensitive and may not be able to regulate the burst of power. Always read Porsche guidelines for the jumpstart procedure.

Nothing beats knowing your car is in its best possible condition. Ensure you can hit the road, carefree, with your Porsche by following these guidelines from Foreign Affairs Motorwerks and adhering to your maintenance service plan.

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