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Porsche Repair Shop Discusses Small Repairs That Go a Long Way

Porsche Repair Shop

If your Porsche is starting to show signs of age, or is feeling less powerful than what you are used to, taking the time to invest in your Porsche’s longevity can be easily done by making small inspections at regular intervals. A Porsche is a high-end technological machine that runs amazingly when it does, but can rack up expensive bills when something starts to underachieve. The experts at our Porsche repair shop are here to discuss the many simple actions that can be taken by you, the driver, which can act as a proactive force against inevitable wear and tear of daily driving.

Be Proactive

Before discussing the many physical ways you can set your Porsche up for a long and healthy career, we want to stress that being proactive is the biggest action you can make that will have a difference on your car’s lifespan. Putting the time in during refueling to do little checks, or popping in to our service repair shop every now and then for a once-over will set you in good stead. Also make sure to attend your Porsche scheduled maintenance regularly.

Porsche Repair Shop

Check Those Brakes

Having your brakes checked annually is a good idea, especially since owning a Porsche means you may have been using a heavy foot every now and then on the open roads. Part of our routine maintenance every two years includes a brake check to see if your brakes are still working optimally, because even the best materials start to show wear after being used well.

If your Porsche has been standing around looking pretty for long periods of time, the brake discs may begin to corrode. If you suspect that your brakes are not what they should be, bring your car in and we can have a look at whether the brake fluid needs replacing, or if the actual pads are damaged

Are Your Tires Under Pressure

Your Porsche should inform you when tire pressure is low, and if you get a warning from your systems display then you should act on it as soon as possible. Tires may not be an actual part of the Porsche, but they are your support on the roads and affect ride quality, fuel efficiency, and most importantly safety. Check your manual for the right pressure amount and make sure when you fill them up that they have even pressure, or else you may ruin your alignment.

Depending on how enthusiastically you drive, your tires may show wear sooner on their grip, and the integrity of the tires may be wanting. If your tires are over 6 years old make a call to have them checked. Another great tip is checking your tire sealant, which can be done in a few seconds at our repair shop. We check the expiration date and replace the sealant as necessary. Wheel alignment should also be checked frequently, especially if you have been hitting potholes or going over uneven surfaces. This will help your tires age properly and prolong their lifespan.

Porsche Repair Shop

Is the Oil Fresh

Oil should be checked frequently, and it is advisable to put new oil in every two months or so to keep the efficiency of your engine running optimally. Checking oil is very easy and can be done at refueling, at home, or at the repair shop. Old oil prevents the engine running smoothly and can cause strain on the inner workings of the Porsche which will shorten the lifespan drastically.

Even More Care

Keeping your brakes, tires, and oil in top shape will stand you in good stead for the long run, but there are also other small efforts you can make to keep your Porsche looking clean, new, and ready for anything.

  • Car Storage

    The sun is damaging to more than your skin, and your car is just as susceptible to fading and aging under UV light. If you want to keep your Porsche glimmering in the sun when you take her out, investing in a good car cover will keep her protected when standing idle at home. If your car will be standing for a while, make sure the tank is full and it is stored in a cool dry place, especially if you live by the sea because salt is an enemy to your paint job.

  • Washer Liquid

    Fill up with proper washer fluid and not just plain water. This keeps the internal system in better health.

  • Battery Life

    Battery life doesn’t last as long in the heat, which causes faster oxidization of battery fluid. Also check the battery and its connectors every now and then for grime build-up.

  • Coolant

    It is advisable to regularly check that your coolant is fresh and working properly. While you are at it check the hoses and connections for cracks or breaks. In high temperatures your engine relies on the coolant to keep working at optimal temperatures. Exceeding those temperatures can cause expensive damage.

  • Regular Spa Days

    Porsche maintenance is key, so have it washed and waxed regularly to keep nature from having her way with your car. Waxing will also keep your Porsche looking as the factory intended. Condition the interior as well from time to time, and maybe make a no-eating or drinking rule in the car to protect it from accidental spills.

  • Sun Shades

    Get your Porsche a good screen protector for when you are parked out in the sun the whole day. Sunshine and heat can damage the interior of your car and make it age a lot faster than it should. Why not get yourself a pair of shades while you are at it.

Make sure to give some of the tips above, priority and include them as part of your daily usage. Simple things like storage, regular cleaning, and driving on proper roads will keep your car looking new and will reduce scratches and bumps along the way. During your routine oil changes, you can also ask for a once-over to check your brakes and engine if you are worried about anything. Also make sure to keep attending your routine scheduled maintenance, as these will really help keep your Porsche conditioned and working at its best. If you are ever in doubt or want a chat, feel free to give our experienced team a call at our Pompano Beach service center – (954) 746-0488.

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