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Porsche Service – The Major Maintenance Items You Can’t Ignore

Porsche service

Servicing your car is a hassle and no one wants to do it, but there are many reasons why a regular Porsche service is essential to keeping your baby running smoothly and without a hitch. Services are important because they proactively check and replace any faulty parts before one of them fails and ruins your day. Along with replacing faulty parts, services also tighten up and reconfigure aspects of your car ensuring that those parts last you many more months and years.

But what exactly are these parts that need to be serviced? Why are they so important?

Diagnostic System

First off, this is a rather new part of most modern cars, but it has quickly become irreplaceable. The diagnostic system is an onboard computer which constantly records data from sensors positioned all around your car. It measures everything from fuel consumption to tire pressure. This is the system that warns you if anything has gone awry. It also saves all the data it has recorded and this database becomes an invaluable resource for the mechanics servicing your car. It can point to faults in the system or parts that are experiencing high amounts of wear and tear. But who polices the police, what happens if this system goes haywire? It may stop recording essential data preventing you from getting those early warnings to problems that may arise.

Therefore, every service, the diagnostic system is analyzed for the data it records as well as the any hiccups in the system. There may even be updates for the system which could further empower the system’s diagnostic ability.

Brake System

Arguably, the second most important feature of a car is the brake system, because a faulty brake system is a crash waiting to happen. During a Porsche service, the brake system is visually inspected, that includes the discs and the pads. Wear and tear is expected, but it must be within a safe, known limit otherwise they will need to be replaced. The hoses and lines which route the brake fluid around the vehicle are also checked for any leaks or damage as a loss of fluid may render the brake system useless. It is essential that the whole system is checked and confirmed to be safe to operate.


Your battery is an essential part of your car and if it is taken care of, it will last many years. Yet a poorly used battery can quickly deteriorate. A Porsche service will check the battery’s condition and the electrolyte level, ensuring that the battery good to go. Car batteries are not designed to be fully discharged, therefore if you ever do run your battery flat, you will have severely decreased its usability and lifespan. The service technicians will be able to confirm if there is any damage to your battery, and whether it needs to be replaced, to prevent you from being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.

The Many Other Parts

Though I have mentioned a few key parts of your car, there are over a hundred different types of parts which need to be checked for wear and tear. Each part has a different expected lifespan and so there will be some services with major replacements while others just require a tweak here and there. But it is essential that every service is performed, because missing a service could mean that a major fault is not discovered, and this could mean that more damage is done. Rather be safe than sorry, and take your car in for those services and you will radically reduce any chance of your Porsche breaking down.

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