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Take Your Car To The Next Level With Porsche Tuning


As a car enthusiast, you will know that there is no such thing as too much power.

Every Porsche is an engineering marvel with constant development going into each model. If you thought your Porsche was perfectly modified for peak performance, you will be pleased to know that Porsche’s performance tuning will take your Porsche to the top level of awesomeness! Here are the Porsche tuning upgrades that you need to get.

Get Ruthless With A RaceChip

A performance chip will give your Porsche more all-around power.

This includes faster acceleration, great mid-range grunt, and more edgy torque. In fact, a performance chip can increase your car’s performance by up to 30%!

A RaceChip chip will help your Porsche to tap into its power reserves like never before. If access to more power, torque and impressive acceleration appeal to you, then consult the experts at Foreign Affairs Motorsport on their wide selection of RaceChip chips. Our enthusiastic team is trained up on RaceChip products and are ready to give you the best advice and service.

Supers and Turbos

Superchargers and turbochargers will both add more punch to your engine’s performance.

A supercharger is a unit that is driven by your engine via a belt and compresses air into your engine to create additional power. A Turbo, on the other hand, contains an exhaust housing which uses the heat energy of exhaust gases to spin a turbine which drives a compressor.

The compressor forces air back into the engine to create extra power. Both of these provide extra power to your engine and either will be a great performance upgrade option for your car.

Performance Exhaust System

By installing a new or reworked exhaust system you can improve your Porsche’s performance by up to 10%.

New systems include better catalytic converters, shorter tailpipes, and a reduction in the use of silencers. These can all be installed by our team at Foreign Affairs Motorsports. The added benefit is that our performance exhaust systems come with great looking tailpipes which will be sure to turn some heads.

Wild Wheels & Sporty Suspension

Don’t look past the performance benefit of new wheels and suspension.

These upgrades will help improve your Porsche’s handling and will also reduce your car’s overall weight. Weight is closely linked to performance as the less it has to carry around, the faster it will go. New generation alloys used in performance suspension components and wheels are lighter than before and offer better durability.

Why not consult an expert from Foreign Affairs Motorsport to decide on the best wheel and suspension kit for your Porsche?

Customized Air Intakes

The performance of your Porsche engine relies on the flow of air through its motor.

Colder air coming into the motor results in better performance as the air is denser. Custom air intakes alter the path of the incoming air by optimizing the flow rate which can have a substantial effect on performance.

Custom air intakes can also add a great aesthetic to your Porsche’s body.

Seductive Styling

Porsche body styling kits not only add an exotic look to your car, but they also decrease the weight which leads to better performance.

This is made possible by the utilization of lightweight carbon fiber styling kits. Why not improve your car’s visuals and add to its performance at the same time?

Take your Porsche to the next level by installing one of these performance tuning components. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport our expert team will be able to give you expert advice on how to best tune your car. You can rest assured that we will take your Porsche to the next level while maintaining optimum safety levels.

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