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Greg F.

Ok here we go…I own a 2010 Audi TT convertible with extremely low mileage. For about six months I would get different warning lights, sometimes it was a ABS sometimes it was traction control and one time, no kidding all of the lights came on in the car while my girlfriend was driving it… She swore the car hated her and that it was possessed LOL! The other concern was the convertible top started needing manual assistance to go up and down which is normally the signs of a very expensive hydraulic pump. I must say this as clearly as possible… I do NOT trust auto mechanics. Very bad past personal experiences with hucksters and liars. I looked to YELP and once again my fellow champions of great service, you steered me in the right direction! This shop has a $100 off coupon off oil service which is pretty much a free oil change in my head so I am thinking, take the car in, let them do the oil change and tell them about my other concerns. If they even hint of falsehood I will run the other way. This was not my experience! Bobby was quick to help me, listened to all of my concerns and actually asked all the right questions. He asked if I could leave the car right then as he had his Audi specialist on hand. Very long story short, he completed the oil change, cleared all of the bad codes out of my car and using an aftermarket warranty company that I had purchased with the car, replaced my faulty hydraulic pump with a lightning fast super strong one. Bobby and his team at Foreign Affairs are amazing. He kept me in the loop the entire time, honored my $100 off coupon from YELP and kept my out-of-pocket so low I had to brag to everybody about it! Their shop is in an industrial area but it is something right out of NASCAR or an Indy 500 shop. You will see race cars, race engines, a bevy of the most high end cars and top-tier mechanics with an experienced and focused look on their face. This place is so far beyond the real deal it is mind blowing. Bobby has a genuine confidence and reassurance that truly puts you at ease as you can feel the years of expertise coming across in his questions, responses and explanations. I have found my mechanic! When I got my car back it looked like it came out of a detail shop and it runs better than when I bought it. Gone is the Herky Jerky feeling off the line, nothing but silky smooth shifting and effortless, seamless power. I can’t explain it, it is like a new car! I love my convertible all over again and I love the super experts at Foreign Affairs!

Greg F.

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