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The A to Z Of Track Transportation

track transportation

Preparing for your first race day can be extremely exciting, but there are few things that need to get done right before you can have your day on the track. One of the most important duties is track transportation. Getting your car to the track safely and ensuring that your car is correctly prepared for racing is essential for keeping your race day fun, but more importantly safe. You do not want any hiccups when you are throwing your car around a track.

A great aspect of driving on a track today, is that you can do it with almost any car. Probably not a truck or minivan, but any sedan will make a great first car for the track. Now, if you don’t just want to use your daily driver, and have a special car sitting in your garage waiting for its day on the track, then you need to know how track services and transportation works.

Getting to the Track with Professional Track Transportation

There are many different services for getting your track car from your home to the local track. They range from common towing companies to specialized race car transport companies. Which one you choose, depends on you and your car. If you simply want to get the car to the track for the smallest amount of cash, then an open towing vehicle would be the cheapest. But if your vehicle means more to you than a common drive around, you probably want it taken care of which means you should go with a professional race car transporter. With professional experience at your service, this will ensure that special care is taken to prevent any damage to your car.

The general procedure for race car transport is quite simple, but it must be done carefully to ensure that there is no damage. Firstly, the car is drained of most of its fluids, such as gasoline and oil. This allows the car to be as light as possible, making the transporting of it more efficient. Removing gasoline is also a safety measure, as you don’t want any combustible fluids on board during transport.

Once the fluids are removed, the car is placed in an enclosed trailer. An enclosed trailer is better, because it prevents damage to your car’s exterior detailing. The car is held in place using straps which grip the tires. Fabric straps are used instead of chains to decrease the likelihood of damage to the wheel arches.

At the Track

Most race car transporters are just that, they transport the car to the track and back, but once the car reaches its destination, their job is done. All preparation after the car arrives at the track is up to you. You can prepare your car by yourself, or you can make use of the highly skilled professionals who are employed by the transport company.

Preparing your vehicle for the track is not a set process, it varies depending on the individual car, your budget, and the track you are racing on, but there are few essentials which are standard procedure. The car needs gasoline and oil after being drained. Rather than using normal gasoline, a high-octane version is used, which gives more performance to your vehicle on the track. The tires are also changed to racing tires, which are softer giving more grip on the track. There are more changes which can be done, and with the help of a professional track transportation service and team, you will be given all the insider knowledge to help shave those seconds off your track times.

Once all of these preparations are done, you are ready to race. Following this procedure will ensure that your day on the track is loads of fun and minimal risk. Contact Foreign Affairs Motorsport for a full track transportation service and vehicle prep consultation – we are here to help!

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