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The E46 M3 | A BMW Tuning Fantasy

BMW tuning

The BMW E46 M3 is a timeless legend. First manufactured in 1997, the E46 still remains to be a cherished BMW model. The E46 takes BMW tuning to the max with its potential to be customized and in many exciting ways. We have some great ideas on how you can improve your BMW E46 by customizing it to your specific needs. The only thing you’ll be wondering after reading this, is which improvement to make first!

BMW Tuning for Your E46 M3 Engine

Although these cars already boast a fair amount of power, a few tuning tweaks can improve their power to around 400bhp. This is done by remapping the engine, which involves tweaks such as adjusting the fuel and ignition valves. This will help to eliminate flat spots and speed limiters. Another option for your engine is to look at getting a supercharger kit installed. These always increase the thrill factor while driving your BMW. Make sure you use a specialist vehicle tuning center when getting your engine tuned, as this will ensure the best outcome for your BMW.

Custom Wheels

Customizing your M3 with some new wheels is a sure way to improve its appeal. You can look at installing wheels around the size of between 18-20 inches. These will definitely add to the wow factor. Another great option is to get low profile tires installed which will be sure to turn heads as you drive past. There are many different options when it comes to wheel modifications and so consult with a specialist installer as to which ones will be the best for you.

BMW E46 M3 Suspension

An adjustment to your suspension setup can drastically improve handling and performance on your E46 M3. Suspension is something that can easily be overlooked, but a small adjustment can really give your BMW the edge. By stiffening up the suspension, your BMW will be more responsive on the road. It will also help you to corner faster with more efficiency. It’s a really valuable modification to make as it guarantees a firmer ride for your custom BMW. We offer different suspension packages to suit your budget at Foreign Affairs Motorsport.

Brake Packages For Your BMW E46

Getting a brake package installed on your M3 will make a big difference. If want to improve the performance of your E46, then you may as well also look at improving the brakes as well. BMW tuning packages include options like: performance disks, performance pads, brake lines, and an optimized brake fluid replacement. Big brake packages are available and are a must for any serious track driver.

Exterior Improvements

Although your BMW already looks really good on the exterior, these are some great mods to make it look even better. Why not get a carbon roof fitted, or a tailgate or rear diffuser? You can also opt for a styled front bumper or even a carbon hood which will definitely add some street cred onto your M3. Aerodynamic mods will increase your cars performance and there are many exterior mods that have been aerodynamically designed. Why not take it up a notch and get an air intake duct fitted. This will also help to cool down your engine. As South Florida’s Premier German Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978, we offer all of these solutions in one place.

At the end of the day, the sky is the limit when it comes to tuning. You may not be able to make all of these improvements at once, but which one will you start with? Perhaps you’ll opt to tune your engines performance; or add some seriously mean wheels into the mix. Or will you take a new suspension or brake package? Maybe the exterior is what gets your attention. Be sure to find a trusted installer in the Southern Florida area. After all, you want to make sure your baby is in the best possible hands.

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