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The Most Common Auto Repair Shop Wear And Tear Repairs

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Wear and Tear can be a nightmare for drivers who own or lease high performance cars. This becomes especially stressful when you’re either returning a lease car or having it inspected for resale. There are some cases of wear and tear that you can avoid with good car hygiene practices. Here are some common problems that we see coming through our auto repair shop which you could avoid or postpone with good care and vigilance:

  1. Oil / Oil Filter Changed

    This is arguably one of the most vital parts of the car, and is also the most often changed and replaced. There’s always debate on when the right time to replace or change your oil is but at the general consensus is that you should absolutely change your oil by the time you have 75,000 miles on your car.

  2. Wiper Blade Replacement

    With bugs, rain, and other sorts of debris, it’s no surprise that your wiper blades can wear down easily – especially in sunny and humid SoFlo. The best way to know if you need a wiper blade replacement is how much bug/water your blades are able to wipe off from the windshield. If the road ahead looks hazy you probably need new blades, pronto!

  3. Replace Air Filter

    It’s no secret: air filters can be delicate. While most air filters can be replaced at 15,000 to 30,000 miles on a car, the rougher the roads your area has, the more it needs to be changed. At the very least, some suggest that you should replace your air filter at max three years.

  4. New Tires

    Depending on how much you drive, one can go through tires as one goes through socks. The best way to make sure your tires need replacement is if the tread is worn to about 2/32” of a tread.

  5. Battery Replacement

    You all know the scene: one day, when you’re in some inconvenient place, your car won’t be able to start up or the engine won’t come on. However, to avoid facing a situation such as this, it’s best to get the battery checked every 2 years. You can also use an electronic tester, which you can usually find in most auto shops and test out the battery.

  6. Brake Work

    Much like the windshields, depending on how much rain or water your car goes through, you might often have to replace your brakes. One way of finding out how much brake work you have is by looking your brake pads. If there’s 1/4 inch of a pad, you may want to get it looked at. Be sure to also check for high screeching sounds as this could indicate low wearing brakes.

  7. Antifreeze Added

    Coolant and antifreeze are important for your car’s cooling system – this is to make sure it doesn’t over heat. While each car has a different way of adding antifreeze, it’s best to check it and add either every 30,000 or 50,000 miles spent on the car.

  8. Engine Tune-Up

    Tuning your engine requires a long list of checks. These checks include inspecting spark plugs, making sure the fuel filter isn’t clogged, and that the fuel injectors aren’t dirty. One way to know if an engine tune up needed, is if the car stalls or gets harder to start over time. Depending on the model of the car, getting a tune up may vary depending on age and millage.

  9. Wheels Aligned/Balanced

    Again, much like the air filter, driving on rough road can lead to having your wheels aligned much sooner. One way of figuring out whether or not wheels need to be aligned is seeing if the car tilts on either side with no tampering of the steering wheel.

If you experience any problems – including ones listed above – it’s best to take your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have it checked out or booked in for scheduled maintenance and service. Lucky for you, we at Foreign Affairs Motorsport are always on hand to help and will make sure you don’t get sideswiped with any hidden wear and tear issues.

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