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Vintage to Modern Mercedes Maintenance

Mercedes maintenance

Whether you are driving a brand new or vintage model Mercedes, the quality of your vehicle depends on the maintenance it receives. There are many misconceptions about Mercedes maintenance. Some drivers are convinced that the newer the vehicle, the less maintenance it requires while others believe that older vehicles don’t need to be maintained by a technician unless it’s broken. Fortunately, our expert technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsport in Pompano Beach can shed a lot of light on maintenance matters. So, let’s talk about Mercedes factory and routine maintenance needs to help your vehicle perform at its best, no matter how old it is.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

For your vehicle to last the test of time it needs to receive factory scheduled maintenance. Each Mercedes model has a prescribed maintenance routine that ensures that your vehicle remains roadworthy and in excellent condition. When you purchase your vehicle, you receive a warranty requiring you to document the scheduled services your vehicle receives. Failure to comply with warranty requirements can result in unsuccessful warranty claims and a huge drop in the value of your Mercedes. Scheduled maintenance and servicing typically includes:

  • Engine Inspections to ensure that your vehicle’s engine still works well and is not in need of an upgrade.
  • Oil Filter Inspections can result in oil filter replacements depending on the filters and fittings condition.
  • Windshield Wipers will be replaced if the blades are ineffective.

Factory maintenance depends on the model of your vehicle and the mileage it’s seen. Maintenance ultimately aims to ensure that your vehicle meets roadworthy standards and is as comfortable and safe as possible. During maintenance, vintage models can receive an upgrade to improve ride and handling balance, ensuring roadworthy comfort for longer.


Routine Maintenance

This exposes small issues before they become big ones. Routine differs from scheduled maintenance in that it does not necessarily involve the set manufacturers’ maintenance spectrum. Instead, it allows your technician to perform tests and maintenance that will improve your vehicle’s daily performance based on the issues you raise. Routine maintenance preserves the quality of your vehicle and ensures optimum driving experience and peace of mind. Your technician will perform routine maintenance depending on your vehicle’s age and model. From vintage to modern vehicles, the most common repairs during routine maintenance are:

  • Belts: Overheated belts that are misaligned can pose a great safety risk. Your technician will inspect your vehicle’s belts and replace them if there are signs of excessive wear and tear.
  • Hoses: Your technician will inspect your vehicle’s hoses for signs of cracking or leakage. They’ll replace the hoses if they appear larger than expected or if there are signs of damage to your fluid systems.
  • Brakes: Your braking system consists of many sensors and mechanical systems that work together to perform an important task. Your technician will perform a series of tests to ensure that these systems are in working order to prevent future malfunction.
  • Tires: Under inflated tires are a huge safety risk but are often overlooked by drivers. Your technician will check your tire pressure to ensure that it meets safety requirements.
  • Suspension: Depending on your driving requirements, your technician can tighten your vehicle’s suspension. This will allow for better tire traction but can influence the level of comfort you experience while driving.

Our Technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsport are certified to do both factory scheduled and routine maintenance. We care about your safety and driving experience and will only provide a service that meets our high standards, so your high performance and vintage vehicles are in excellent hands. Contact us today for all your Mercedes’ maintenance needs.

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