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What you need to know about your BMW factory scheduled service & maintenance!

BMW factory scheduled service

You bought a beautiful car, but what now? Time and neglect can render even the best vehicle a wreck! Here at Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we understand that without the proper care even a quality vehicle like a BMW will eventually get run down. So as the miles rack up, it is important that you pay special attention to maintenance!

With regularly scheduled comprehensive inspections of the major system, our team of highly trained technicians can ensure that your vehicle continues to run at its optimal capacity! Our team adheres to the factory recommended service for each model and model year to ensure that your vehicle receives its specific, ideal care. If any repairs are detected during the inspection, our technicians will provide you with a cost estimate prior to doing the work. Our priority is to provide you with the highest level of customer satisfaction!

Recommended BMW factory scheduled service:


  • Change Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter

Wheels & Brakes:

  • Check Break Pedals
  • Check Brake Pads
  • Inspect Brake Fluid – Remember, fluid should be replaced every 2 years regardless of mileage.
  • Tires – Check for damage, wear, and air pressure
  • Reset Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Rotation and Alignment

Secondary Systems / Electronics:

  • Inspect Headlights and Headlight Cleaning System
  • Check Windshield Wipers, Windshield Blades, Windshield Washers, and Washer Fluids
  • Check Air Condenser, Air Filter

The Maintenance we recommend for older BMW models Factory Scheduled Service!

BMW factory scheduled serviceAs the miles add up, you may find that your once powerful engine isn’t running as it once did. When this happens, the time may have come for more intensive Service & Maintenance! If you feel as though everything is slowing down, talk over your concerns with our technicians and your BMW will come out of its Factory Scheduled inspections with a new lease on life!

Recommended services for older models or vehicles with higher mileage:

  • Road Test – A road test performed by our certified technicians can detect the following abnormalities.
  • Engine Performance
  • Clutch – if applicable
  • Auto/Manual/Automated Manual/CVT Transmission shift operation
  • Braking System
  • Steering
  • Suspension

Engine & Transmission:

  • Replace Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Oil Filter replacement
  • Inspection of Cooling System, Antifreeze, and Corrosion Protection
  • Leakage inspection – Checking for signs of fluid drips, chafe marks, line routing
  • Spark Plugs replacement
  • Check of Power Steering Fluid
  • Air Filter replacement and cleaning of housing
  • Check Condition of Belts – Timing Belt should be replaced at between 95k-100k miles
  • Steptronic, change ATF/MTF oil and replace transmission filter element for clutch hydraulics

Wheels & Brakes:

  • Check Brake Pads and Discs for correct thickness, damage
  • Inspect Brake Fluid level
  • Inspect Tires – Damage, wear, and air pressure
  • Check expiration / renewal date of Tire Repair Set, replace if expired

Chassis & Underside:

  • Visual Inspection of Chassis and Body – checking for paint damage and corrosion inside and out
  • Inspect Hinges, Hood Safety Latch, and height of Engine Hood
  • Lubricate Door Hinges, Hood Latch, Straps, and Locks
  • Lubricate Front Latch of Cabriolet Roofs
  • Inspect Transmission Housing for Leaks
  • Check Underbody hoses, fluid lines and reservoirs for leakage
  • Check condition of Front Axle Ball Joints, Dust Seals, Tie-rods, Drive Shaft Boots
  • Clean and lubricate sunroof guides rails
  • Inspect Exhaust System
  • Plenum Panel – Remove and check for water drain

Secondary Systems / Electronics:

  • Test Battery – Inspect condition of terminals, battery housing, and acid level
  • Cabin Dust & Pollen Filter replacement
  • Inspect Headlights and Headlight Cleaning System
  • Check Windshield Wipers, Windshield Washers, and Washer Fluids
  • Check that all Exterior Lighting functions
  • Check that all Interior Lighting functions
  • Check Horn function

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