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30 Minutes Or Less Mercedes Preventative Maintenance

mercedes preventative maintenance

If you’ve invested in a luxury car like a Mercedes Benz, you also need to invest in regular Mercedes preventative maintenance checks. As a discerning car-owner, you know that this kind of upkeep will ensure the longevity and quality of your vehicle for years to come.

Many car owners worry about the inconvenience of taking their vehicle in for a service – being without your car for a day can be a real hassle. But there are a number of smaller preventative maintenance services that can be performed in 30 minutes or less, which means you can get them done quickly and efficiently at your authorized dealer.

Flush Your Radiator

Your engine burns gas and creates friction, which causes enormous amounts of heat to build up. Excess heat that cannot escape the engine chamber can cause break-downs. The radiator is part of your car’s cooling system, and requires regular maintenance to ensure that your Mercedes keeps running in top condition. Customized vehicles may even need upgraded radiators and cooling systems to handle the additional heat.

A radiator flush is the process of running a cleaner through the cooling system, then “flushing” it out, and adding new anti-freeze and conditioner are added. This removes sediments, contaminants and rust from the system, prevent further rust deposits, and lubricates the water pump.

Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

Old oil in your vehicle attracts dust and particulates, and creates sludge build-up. This degrades your engine parts, blocks oil-flow pathways, and decreases the oil’s ability to dissipate heat from the engine. The engine must also work harder to do its job, which increases heat in the engine, and decreases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In the long-term, old oil shortens your car’s lifespan.

Like a coolant flush, an oil change clears out dirt and sediments, and replaces the old oil with clean oil. An oil change also usually includes changing the oil filter, which helps to capture and remove contaminants.

Maintain Your Battery

Your vehicle’s battery gets your car started and powers the electrical components. There are many different types of battery testing and maintenance that can be performed, but a quick and easy way to keep your battery in good shape is to have a visual inspection and corrosion removal.

Corrosion around the battery terminals occurs due to the chemical reaction happening inside the battery, and can indicate that your car is either under- or over-charging, depending on which terminal is more corroded. Your authorized dealer can clean corrosion build-up from the battery, ensuring that it starts up every time.

It’s the Little Things…

It’s easy for smaller items to go unnoticed when you consider preventative maintenance. But fixing little things – like changing the air filters and windscreen wipers – can make a noticeable improvement to your driving experience, and keep your Mercedes Benz in top condition for longer.

With these services taking 30 minutes or less, you have no excuse to let your car maintenance slide. Pop in to Foreign Affairs Motorsports, or contact us to book a preventative maintenance service today.

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