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Audi Maintenance | Caring For Your Turbocharged Car

Audi maintenance

Turbocharged cars are becoming increasingly popular as they offer both power and fuel efficiency – Audi boasts an array or turbocharged models to choose from. With turbocharged engines pointing towards the future, it’s important to know how to correctly maintain them. This article on Audi maintenance identifies some tips to help you take care of your turbocharged car.

Warm Your Car Up

Turbocharged engines need to be warmed up adequately before driving them hard. This is to allow for the engine oil to reach its optimum temperature. Oil needs to warm up before it can lubricate the engine effectively. As your Audi’s engine oil warms, it thins out and is able to cover all the vital engine parts – which will prevent wear and tear on the engine.

Let Your Engine Cool Down

For good Audi maintenance, it’s important to let your engine cool down for a short while before turning it off. Long drives and fast driving can cause your turbocharger to generate a fair amount of heat over time. If your engine is turned off while the turbo is still hot, it can cause the oil in the turbocharger to overheat which can cause the buildup of carbonized oil. This can eventually lead to blockages in your turbocharger. Rather allow your car 30 seconds to idle before turning it off.

Don’t Put Too Much Strain on Your Engine

The harder you accelerate and push your turbo, the more strain you will put on your engine. This will potentially re-duce your engine’s lifespan. Audi turbochargers are rigorously tested and put through their paces in order to last, but they still aren’t indestructible. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t accelerate fast from time to time, but rather don’t get in a habit of always pushing your throttle hard. When you are in a cruising mode, try to go light on your accelerator in order to adjust your speed.

Learn to Use Your Gears

If you’re driving a manual, it can sometimes get tiring to always have to change gears. With the extra power of your turbocharger, it can be tempting to use your turbo’s power to overtake or speed up instead of also changing into a more appropriate gear. This too will put additional strain on your turbocharger which can diminish its lifespan.

Use The Correct Fuel

Be sure to use a higher-octane fuel as this prevents what is known as ‘knock’. Knock is when fuel in the combustion chamber ignites prematurely which can cause damage to the engine. Fuel with a higher octane helps to reduce knock as it is more resistant to premature detonation.

Use Synthetic Oil

Correct oil management is vitally important for your Audi maintenance care. Synthetic oil is best as it is more able to handle the higher temperatures that are generated in an engine. This is especially important when you are driving fast or taking a long-distance drive, as your engine will heat up considerably. Synthetic oils also contain fewer impurities, which keeps your engine running cleaner for longer. Synthetic oils are known to offer better protection for your en-gine.

Keeping note of these tips will go a long way to keeping your Audi’s turbocharger in great condition. These tips are also simple enough to remember and implement while driving each day. Be sure to use a premium auto repair facility when taking your Audi in for a service – finding the correct facility will ensure that you receive the best possible expert ad-vice and service for your Audi.

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