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Audi Performance Parts: Air Intake Systems

audi performance parts

Fuel and oxygen. These are the two ingredients that every internal combustion engine requires to function. Air intake systems control how oxygen is taken into your engine and plays a vital role in the performance of your car. If your Audi isn’t running optimally, then it may be time to get your air intake system checked out. Let’s have a look at what an air intake system is and how it has a crucial place in the Audi performance parts ensemble.

What Is An Air Intake System?

Your car’s air intake system pumps oxygen into your car’s engine to create combustion. It’s a vital part of the engine system as it collects and channels air into your engine’s cylinders. A quality air intake system channels a continuous flow of clean air into your engine, allowing more power and speed to be accessed. Air intake systems consist of a few main components. Let’s take a look at each one of these components and how they contribute to your Audi’s performance.

Air Filter

Your engine breathes through your air filter. The air filter’s role is to sieve out any dirt or dust particles in the air that could be harmful to your engine. Larger items such as leaves, or insects are generally filtered by a screen, while the air filter deals with the smaller particles. The air filter is usually housed in a small plastic or metal box and sits near the throttle valve. Air filters usually capture around 80% to 90% of particles while premium, performance-based air filters capture up to 95% of air particles.

It’s important to have the right air intake to prolong the life of your engine.

Mass Flow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor or meter measures how much air is coming into the air intake system. This is vitally important for the engine to determine how much fuel to inject into the cylinders. Usually positioned on the intake manifold, the mass flow sensor measures air intake and passes on the data to the engine control unit. There are two types of sensors: vane meter and hot wire. The vane meter system uses a flap system that the air pushes back to measure the airflow. Hot wire sensors measure the airflow via a system of wires. Electricity heats the wire which leads to a decrease in current. At the same time, the airflow cools the wire leading to an increase in the current.

Throttle Body

After the air has been measured, it then flows through the air intake tube which channels the air towards the throttle body. The throttle body is connected to the accelerator pedal. As you press your foot into the accelerator pedal, the throttle plate opens to allow additional air to flow into your engine. This creates additional power and speed. The throttle body is also connected to your cruise control via a separate cable that controls the plate while cruise control is engaged.

Intake Manifold

Once air has passed through the throttle body, it then moves into the intake manifold. The intake manifold is a series of tubes that work at delivering air to the air intake valves which feed air into the cylinders. The design of an intake manifold plays an important role in engine performance. Installing a performance intake manifold can drastically increase your Audi’s performance. It’s all about directing and controlling airflow to create the most power and responsiveness.

Audi Performance Parts You Can Trust

When it comes to finding the right air intake for your Audi, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks are the professionals. Their diagnostic team will be able to inspect each part of your air intake system. They can also kit you out with an Audi performance air intake system to take your Audi’s performance to the next level. Their team of highly trained technicians also offer a comprehensive Audi factory service. Call us today at 954-746-0488.

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