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Test Your Knowledge: Car Maintenance Quiz

car maintenance

Cars are expensive possessions that require regular attention and like most drivers, you want to take good care of your car or truck. You may also wonder how often it needs to be serviced. The best way to keep your car running well is to carry out regular preventative maintenance. Following a preventative maintenance schedule can save you on costly future repairs. Factory scheduled maintenance checks can improve your mileage consumption, prevent breakdowns, extend the life of your vehicle, and more.

As a general rule of thumb, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks advises that motorists service their vehicles every 12 months or 12,000 miles. If you’re a heavy car user, we suggest preventative car maintenance every six months or 6,000 miles. AAA recommends that you always plan ahead for vehicle maintenance by finding an auto repair shop you can trust before you need them.

So, how good is your knowledge when it comes to maintaining your car? Take this quick quiz to test your general knowledge of car maintenance. Who knows, you may even learn some helpful tips and tricks in the process!

Take Foreign Affairs Motorwerks’ Basic Car Maintenance Quiz

You should always follow the factory recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual or service book for your vehicle. If you’re not sure how often your car needs to be serviced, call a reputable auto repair shop or service center.

Which one of the following is NOT a benefit of performing regular oil changes?

Car maintenance: Oil Changes
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Better Gas Mileage! Did you know that when you don’t perform regular oil changes, your car’s consumption results in poorer gas mileage? This is because oil breaks down over time which requires your engine to work harder. It is recommended that you are getting your car's oil changed AT LEAST every 5,000 miles but this number fluctuates depending on the type of car and how it’s driven. If you aren't sure when you should change your car’s oil, call one of the ASE certified mechanics at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks.

How can you best ensure that you maximize the life of your tires?

Car Maintenance: Tires
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Check and adjust your tire pressure regularly. Keeping the tire pressure in your tires consistent maximizes their life. In fact, you should be checking your tire pressure once a month, more if the temperature is colder or fluctuates frequently.

What’s the best way to keep your car battery fresh?

Car Maintenance: Battery Life
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Limit the number of short drives in your car. Short drives don’t fully charge the battery which will result in an undercharged battery.

Why shouldn’t you let your fuel sit in the tank over prolonged periods on time?

Don't Let Fuel Sit
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Fuel degrades over time which can lead to engine problems. If gasoline sits in the tank (or a gas station) for too long, many of the compounds that make up gasoline begin to evaporate the octane. When this happens, it can longer efficiently burn in your engine.

How often should you rotate your tires in order to extend their life?

Car Maintenance
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Regular tire rotations help to evenly distribute the wear over your four tires. 5,000 – 8,000 miles is the standard rotation recommendation for those who drive an average of 15,000 miles a year.

How often should you get your vehicle's air filter inspected?

Car Maintenance: Check Your Air Filter
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Once a year. Over time, air filters get clogged which will lead to reduced performance. With regular town driving, it’s recommended to change your car’s air filter once a year.

How can low tire pressure negatively affect driving performance?

Car Maintenance: Check Your Tire Pressure
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All of the above. Tires should always be kept at the recommended tire pressure for your car. This will help to ensure the best driving performance and the even wearing of your tires.

What is the advantage of regularly getting your transmission fluid checked?

Car Maintenance: Transmission
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It keeps your gearbox protected! Did you know that transmission fluid keeps your gearbox running smoothly? It acts as a lubricant and keeps the parts of your transmission cool. Ideally, you want to check your car's transmission fluid once a month, but speak with a professional ASE certified mechanic if you aren't sure.

Preventative Vehicle Service & Maintenance In Pompano Beach

As experts on European automotive repair, maintenance, and performance since 1978, we take pride in our work at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. Our team of experienced mechanics will be able to perform all the required factory scheduled maintenance checks on your car. Don’t compromise on your safety by leaving it up to a guessing game. Contact us today at (954) 746-0488 to keep your car or truck in optimal shape. We’re driven to serve you better.

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