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Audi Performance Shop – Taking Your Audi To The Next Level

Audi performance shop

One thing that Audi’s are known for is their sheer performance. With their refined, yet powerful engines and their solid underpinnings, they can increase the thrill factor for just about anyone. But this isn’t where it needs to end. Take the Audi RS3 as an example. The RS3 can be custom tuned by adding on some serious performance upgrades. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways in which you can take your Audi to the next level and how to find the right Audi performance shop to install these upgrades. We’re about to take your Audi up a gear.

Take The Audi RS3 For Example

The Audi RS3 is a serious contender when it comes to some aftermarket tune-ups. Auto tuning specialists APR recently did some serious mods on an RS3. They managed to infuse it with 600 horsepower which boasted a quarter mile in less than 10 seconds. That’s an increase of 200 horsepower and a slicing off of 2.1 seconds on the stock RS3. APR performance were able to bolster the RS3 with new turbos, an improved fuel system, as well as a tuned ECU setup. Added on the rear is the straight-pipe exhaust to just add that extra flair. You can improve your Audi’s performance too!

  • Extra Horsepower

    Adding power to your Audi is a sure way to make it outperform other vehicles. One way to do this is to install a new ECU chip. These chips adjust your engine settings to be more aggressive and performance orientated by boosting the pressure. Another way to boost horsepower is to install a larger turbo. Turbos help to extract extra power out of your engine and the result is an additional acceleration that you’ll feel. Be sure to only trust Audi performance parts when it comes to upgrading your engine.

  • Improved Handling

    Audi’s are known to have great handling. Why don’t you opt for a sportier handling setup by stiffening up the suspension on your Audi? Installing a sports suspension kit will really go a long way to getting your Audi around the corners even more efficiently than it corners now. These kits will also create a lower ride height which creates better aerodynamics. The key is to go for an adaptive suspension system, which means that by the press of a button, you can flip from sports mode to a more casual driving mode. This is intuitive handling at its best.

  • Brakes

    Brake kits also go a long way to ensure your stopping power is at its best. You can start with getting some performance brake pads which are engineered to make less noise and emit less dust. High-temperature brake fluid helps to prevent brake failure by allowing your brakes to be used aggressively for longer without overheating. Slotted rotors are also a great investment and help to keep your brakes cool while they are being used. The best inclusive option is to go for a brake kit which will include many, if not all of these brake upgrades. This will leave you with some serious performance brakes.

Choose The Right Audi Performance Shop

Audi performance upgrades are numerous and ultimately you need to choose where you want to begin. What is it that gets your attention? Another big decision to make is to find the right Audi tuning company. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we have 125 years of experience in running our advanced workshop, with custom performance packages to choose from. Ultimately, make sure you find a trusted installer in the South Florida area who you can build a lasting relationship with, because what we know, is that once you make your first performance upgrade, you’ll be itching for the next one.

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