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Audi Styling | Choosing the Right Color for Your Next Paint Job

Audi Styling

If you are thinking about repainting your Audi, styling it right has a big impact on its appearance. The color you choose says a lot about you, but it also determines the resale value further down the line. These factors make it hard to choose a new color, where there is a fine line between looking classy and timeless or just plain and out of date. If your car is fading into the scenery why not try something brighter that will look great in the sunshine, or you may be considering toning it down to a more understated and classic look. If you are interested in recoloring your car, we have a few helpful guidelines on what choice to make.

The Hottest Colors Right Now

The most popular colors for cars world-over has always been white, grey, black and silver. These colors are the standard choice not only for monetary reasons and resale value, but there’s something special about a sleek black Audi that means business, or a bright white Audi that shines just that bit brighter.
Grey is starting to come out as an overall popular choice due to the addition of darker hues and metallic finishes. One of Audi’s signature greys was Nimbus Grey for the 2000 Audi TT Nieman Marcus edition, which was so popular that it inspired Suzuka and Nardo Grey, giving a great range of hues that stand out from all the grey monotony on the streets.

If color is something you are after, then the most popular is almost 50/50 between red and blue. Blue shades go from anything like the classic metallic Audi blues which tend more towards a royal blue or navy, to the lighter electric blues and sky colors that look great in the sunshine of Florida. Audi’s signature blue is Riviera Blue, a sky blue that stands out without being too bright, which was a special edition for the S3, but which can be special ordered. Their darker signature hue is Nagaro Blue for the RS2 Avant, but which also came out for the S4 and S4 Avant. This electric royal blue is known as the color of choice for rare models. Audi’s red comes in bright, sporty and fierce shades, but also a mature deeper red and maroon. Browner reds like maroon are rising in popularity, while brighter reds are great for a vintage or classic feel.

Colors like orange, green and gold are trending since previous years, with one of Audi’s signature colors being Glut Orange. This eye-catching color is also rare, but anyone brave enough to sport it will ensure getting themselves noticed in a good way. Another famous color is Imola Yellow for the S4, which is more of a soft ochre that is looks fresh without being too bright. Vegas Yellow is the sportier version of the color. Brown is also making a resurgence by coming in a metallic chocolate hue that looks gorgeous in the sun, having deep tones and making an interesting change from other dark metallic colors. An interesting spin on black that is trending is having dark metallic navies and browns which appear black, but have an added depth of color when in the light so that you can still look classy and sleek but have a twinkle of color.

It’s What’s Inside That Matters

While choosing a new color for your car can be exciting, before setting your heart on something wild, make sure your new color compliments the interior of the car. While the classic Glacier White finish may be what you want, pairing it with equally white or grey seats may make your car look like its ready for a snowy climate. Rather combine white with black leather, as it will stand out and give you an iconic Audi look. Black leather has the advantage of working well with most colors, especially yellow, blue, red, and grey. Keep in mind that a dark interior and exterior will absorb much more heat, whereas a lighter color will leave you feeling cooler.

If your interior is tending towards tan or beige, having a lighter blue exterior will lighten up the whole car and make it a perfect for sunny weather. Tan also matches with red for a classic look, and works well with darker colors like metallic navy or black. A light interior works well with lighter colors on the outside, and helps your car absorb less heat if you do opt for a darker outside color. The advantage of choosing a grey exterior color is that it can match with almost anything. From black or grey leather, to tan and beige, and even red. Grey will work on most interiors if you find the right hue.

Audi Styling Advice

  • Resale Value
    A major component of resale value is affected by color. Colors like green and gold are difficult to sell, and while orange keeps going in and out of fashion. Colors less likely to affect resale value are white, grey and black, however their metallic counterparts may devalue them.
  • Paint Maintenance
    The range of finishes now available for paint jobs gives you a way to be unique, but not all paints require the same attention. A matte finish can make greys and silvers appear in a new way you didn’t know you needed, and pearlescent coats add extra depth of color and shine to metallic colors that give your cherry red or chocolate brown more depth. Keep in mind that on top of the extra price tag for these effects, their maintenance differs from solid paint jobs. Matte is difficult to maintain because it cannot go through normal car washes or use the standard polishing products. Pearlescent and metallic paint jobs require cleaning often to keep their shine and luster looking great. If you live near the coast and often find you need to clean sea grime off your car, then you may need to rethink a matte finish.
  • Dirt and Visibility
    Less important but still worth noting is that some colors show dirt and scratches easier, such as black and white. Metallic cars, especially grey and silver, hide imperfections easier but need to be kept clean to keep their shine.

If you want to get started on choosing a new color, or would like some friendly advice, give us a call at (954) 746-0488 or visit our workshop – our skilled team of technicians will help you make your Audi look new again.

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