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Back From The Dead – Successful Auto Restoration

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Most of us petrol heads have at least one classic that we love. Whether it be a vintage pony car or a BMW from the era when they were less technologically advanced all classic cars need more frequent attention than the family Toyota (or even that McLaren that you bought last year). Most of us are unable to spend the astronomical amounts some of these models’ command (e30 M3 for example) and instead find ourselves contemplating buying a neglected auto and restoring it.

We are the last people to ground your dreams, but we do have more than 30 years of experience in the auto trade. So, before you hit the winding road of DIY auto restoration, we’d like to share some top tips to help you dodge potholes.

Have A Budget For Your Auto Restoration

Unlike a shop that will quote and work within that margin; it is entirely up to you when it comes to a DIY restoration. It is very easy to get carried away – in parts stores or online these days, and before you know it your classic has burned a hole in your pocket. So, set yourself a budget, and stick to it. Ask yourself, what is the current resale value of a fully restored model? How much do I expect it to rise over time? Then offset the cost of the car against what you expect to need to do.

If you find that you’re not under breaking even, it may be worth your while to look for a fully restored model and save your bank manager long term cardiac arrest albeit by giving him a sudden heart attack. If you’re totally green to wrenching (we’ve all been there) be careful of shops looking to make a quick buck. There is no harm is getting advice, either from that buddy or a shop you trust. The beauty of DIY projects is that you have time on your side. No need to rush into anything.

Compartmentalize Work

We get it, you want to do everything yourself. While this is a noble pursuit, sometimes it is wise to know when to call an expert. You might be brilliant at your day job, but how much do you know about small block Chevys? Or the BMW Achilles heel; VANOS and camshafts? Not only can an expert help you get it right the first time, but because they know what does and doesn’t break, you can save quite a tidy amount of cash.

When it comes to things like engine and transmission rebuilds, unless you are well experienced, we strongly suggest that you farm the job out to a trusted shop. Do yourself a time schedule and divide the restoration into sections. We like to base these on the different automotive components. For example, engine, transmission, body work, brakes, suspension and steering. Look at each of these carefully and decide what you’d like to do yourself and what you think a shop should do for you. This will not only help you get a good idea of how long the restoration will take, but also give you direction. It is very easy to get addicted to taking things apart – but remember, it all has to come back together at some stage.

Be Realistic

Last but by no means least, you need to look beyond the rose-tinted glasses that you wore when you saw the potential in your dream car. Unless we are talking about D-Type Jaguars, it is very likely that quite a few examples of your pride and joy rolled off the factory floor. If the auto you are thinking of restoring has had many hot suppers, it may be more sensible to pass it up and wait for another to come along. There are many fish in the sea, take it from us, when the opportunity is right, you’ll know. When it comes to buying it, advice is your friend. Take someone with you who is an enthusiast or expert and look over the auto together. They won’t be wearing them glasses that can cause you remorse, and there is nothing like a good dose of common sense to settle the stomach.

Auto Restoration Specialists In Pompano Beach

We believe in dreaming. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the potential in a neglected auto and bringing it back to live on. So, we say, reach for the sky, but make sure you don’t lose your footing! If you’re looking for the best auto restoration specialists in Pompano Beach, call Foreign Affairs Motorwerks at 954-746-0488, today!

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