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How Is The Engine Affected With Mercedes Performance Tuning?

mercedes performance tuning

Mercedes-Benz engines offer a fair amount of punchy performance. But the thrill of bolstering your Mercedes with an additional 15% to 20% performance improvement is a definite temptation. Today’s ECU’s, or Electronic Control Units are engineered to offer that extra acceleration and low-end torque. And the results are impressive. But does Mercedes performance tuning come with side effects? Could an ECU be dangerous for your engine? Here’s a look at the pros and cons when it comes to performance tuning and your engine.

Get Energized With AN ECU

Mercedes performance ECU’s control how your engine performs and even helps to achieve improved fuel consumption. Your factory ECU settings simply won’t give you the best performance possible. 

ECU remapping can considerably improve the power and responsiveness of your Mercedes. 

If you’re after faster acceleration, then an ECU is a serious contender. 

The Pros Of Engine Performance Tuning

Engine modification comes with some great benefits. Here’s what you should know.

  • Extra Power

    First off, Performance ECU’s are amazing pieces of hardware. The fact that these units can increase your power by up to 20% is mind-blowing. ECU’s are a definite consideration when it comes to Mercedes performance tuning.

  • Increased Fuel Consumption

    ECU’s help your engine to run more efficiently and therefore help to save on fuel. Your ECU stores complex configurations that help to balance the amount of power required and the fuel required to provide this power. A reputable ECU will go a long way towards improved fuel economy.

  • Completely Customizable

    Finally, ECU’s make Mercedes performance tuning completely customizable. ECU’s can be remapped which alters the level of performance, response, and fuel consumption required.

Watch Out For These Engine Tuning Cons

As great as these engine performance adjustments are, they can also damage your engine when not done correctly and under the right supervision. Take note of these cautionary considerations.

  • Higher Engine Demand

    ECU’s essentially alter your engine’s power output. This always comes with a risk as your Mercedes engine is only capable of so much at the end of the day. Additional power boosts can increase your engine’s thermal response which could lead to overheating. Mechanical stress is another factor to consider here.

  • Fuel Economy Disappointment

    Although an ECU fine-tunes your engine and has the potential to save you on fuel, the opposite may also be true. The bottom line is that extra power needs to be driven with extra fuel. Depending on how you drive, you might find that your consumption figures are worse.

  • Compromised Reliability

    With your engine is being pushed to provide more power, the long terms reliability of your engine may be in question. Using any old service facility may result in regrets down the line. The answer lies in choosing a reputable and authorized facility as we’ll see next.

Use An Authorized Mercedes Performance Facility

The key here is to ensure that you take your car to a certified service facility that knows their stuff backward Mercedes. By using a manufacturer-approved ECU, you minimize the risk of compromising your engine. Certified ECU’s are designed with your particular engine in mind and won’t overwork your engine. Make sure you take your car into a facility that is an authorized dealer for reputable ECU’s.

The Mercedes Performance Tuning Specialists

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we offer a wide range of safe and certified performance upgrades. Whether it’s extra power or simply some custom styling you’re after, trust us you’re your next Mercedes upgrade. With more than 38 years of experience, our team specializes in Mercedes-Benz engine performance improvements. Call us today at (954) 746-0488.

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