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BMW Maintenance | The Car Care Tips You May Not Know About

BMW Maintenance

To follow on from a previous article that gave advice on BMW maintenance tips, we have a few more unusual hacks to share on keeping your BMW in top performance condition. It’s great to know that so many little things we can do will have an impact on the life and performance of our vehicles, outside of relying on a mechanic for regular maintenance stops. Take a look and see how many of these tips you practice and whether you were aware of how much good you were doing. Your car would also love it if you implemented the ones you weren’t aware of before.

BMW Maintenance and First Few Miles

We have spoken about how important it is to take it easy when you start your car. We cannot stress enough how important it is to watch your rev count until your temperature gauge is stable, and then for a little way longer. Oil and other fluids need to heat up and circulate in order to limit the wear and tear on engine parts. It can be super tempting in a BMW to push that needle and we realize how much this advice may not sit well but it should be a general rule. Just allowing your BMW time to warm up before speeding off can really help performance and lifespan. So, leave a few extra minutes between the house and the road to care for your car.

Get into the Nitty-Gritty, Emphasis on Gritty

Another aspect already mentioned is keeping your car clean. You probably are usually aware that any kind of build-up on the car can wear away at the coat, but that is only the beginning. Many people fail to realize that the body work is not the only part that needs regular cleaning – it is not the only part susceptible to corrosion. Think about how dirty the undercarriage of a car can get. Particles quickly develop into a layer of guck, putting additional strain on all parts. Even the wheel well will benefit from a smooth, clean surface area. The trick is to ensure that no build-up anywhere affects the movements of any parts. Salt is especially corrosive – a major factor anywhere near a coastline.

Still on the topic of cleanliness, something we want to draw individual attention to is the state of the battery. Check the surface area of your battery regularly. Did you know that some dirt and grime can act as a conductor, pulling power from your battery and leaving less for performance?

Your BMW is not a Cargo Train

Ok, this is the last one that we will repeat. You may not think about the extra weight of odd little items in your car, but if it’s one light thing, or a dozen little things they really can make a difference – no matter how small and light, they really do matter to performance. Get into the good habit of clearing out all unnecessary items in your car. Just think of it as leaving your car with “hands free” to do everything else better.

Drive like the Wind

This is one tip every car enthusiast enjoys hearing. Most talk is about taking it easy on your car. But, we are here to tell you that every once in a while, put foot. Go full speed and all revs ahead. Needless to say, make sure you are in a very safe space, and that your treasured BMW is thoroughly warmed up as advised. Then, make the most of the experience. This clears out carbon deposits that build up and cause numerous threats to several engine components.

BMW Maintenance to Weather the Season

Cars need different care in different climates. In weather like South Florida, it is important to service your air conditioning regularly because, yes, it has an impact on performance. If you are using anti-freeze make sure you know how to monitor it properly in high heat, to avoid the risk of it boiling up.

Of course, it helps a great deal to know what each part of your car looks like when it is at its peak. We practice this with tires and bodywork, and a few other parts. Maybe taking it further will be a worthwhile endeavor. Looking after your car will prolong its life. Don’t become complacent by only following a regular maintenance schedule. Up the performance and longevity by upping your good habits. Sometimes it is easy to know what bad habits need correcting when it comes to our cars, and other times some outside help is good, too. Foreign Affairs Motorsport has loads of great insights to keeping your German automobile in tip top condition, for life.

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