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Vehicle Spotlight – 2016 BMW M6

certified BMW service

A Transformed M6 at Our Certified BMW Service Center

When something as exclusive as the M6 finds its way into our workshop for a certified BMW service or modification, it’s easy for the casual, inexperienced motorist to wonder what we could possibly be up to. How could you realistically add to a vehicle so resolved in its basic design and so advanced in its engineering? How could it possibly look more aggressive, go any faster, or sound any meaner?

After all, we’re talking about one of BMW’s most powerful models, fitted as standard with a 4,4-liter, turbocharged V8, good for 560 hp. Despite all that, when a new, 2016 model M6 was driven to us by an owner with high expectations and an eye for quality, we knew that we had one of the most exciting projects of the year on our hands.

The Mission
Our driver wanted his new M6 to have improved performance and aesthetics, along with a more personalized look and feel. While most people buy a fast coupé for its impressive performance and arresting looks, not many realize just how much more the car can be enhanced in those areas, so we were pleased to meet someone that bucked that train of thought!

The Bodywork
Although the standard M6 is already a gorgeous machine, it perhaps doesn’t have the sheer aggression that’s apparent on the M4. We started with a Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Aero Kit, which included a hyper-aggressive rear diffuser, side skirts, and a boot fin positioned halfway up the lid for a unique look. The carbon fiber add-ons were complemented by a blackened M6 badge, while the huge kidney grilles up front had their chrome edging finished in black as well. The dark bodywork was then contrasted strikingly with the fitment of Adv1 5.2 Track Spec wheels in polished silver and finished with Tikore Titanium Lugs. These lugs look fantastic, but more importantly, they’ll stay that way as they’re not prone to corrosion like cheaper, steel items.

The Oily Bits
Beneath the in-your-face sheet metal, we added a full Akrapovic exhaust system (complete with carbon fiber tips) and Fabworx Fab Downpipes, which improve airflow and therefore performance. The Akrapovic system comes with dual-outlet mufflers with exhaust valves, and pipes for optimized flow. The result? Increased responsiveness, a 10 hp boost in power and a weight reduction of 23 lb. The standard M6 has been criticized for being too muted in the sound department, especially compared with its howling V10 predecessor. With the magicians at Akrapovic being as dedicated to the use of superior materials as they are to finicky sound engineering, our M6 was left with acoustics that would make any enthusiast smile.

What’s a more aggressive M6 if it isn’t lower?
KW V3 coil overs made sure that our meaner M6 sat closer to the ground, creating a visual presence that made heads turn, and really complements the inherently wide stance of the M6 coupé.

All in all, @m6jay was undoubtedly one of our favorite projects of the month, and is a reminder that even the very best that Germany has to offer can be transformed with just a few visual and mechanical upgrades, many of which are simple to fit. If you happen to see this beast roaming the streets of Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach, now you know exactly how much went into creating one of the finest bespoke M6’s on the road.

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