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Fly Into The New Year With These BMW Mods

dinan performance parts

Spoil Your BMW with Dinan Performance Parts

If you’re looking to end the year on a high note and spoil yourself a bit, then Dinan performance parts are just what you need for your BMW. As specialists in providing parts and upgrades for European cars, Dinan’s performance parts can enhance your BMW’s exhaust system, suspension, and other components for a bespoke, thrilling driving experience.

Of course, with so many modification options to choose from, deciding what to go with can prove overwhelming. Thankfully, you’ve got us, so here are some fantastic modification ideas that’ll make driving your car a lot more engaging in the new year. Plus, we’ve broken them up into different sections for your suspension, exhaust system, and even your wheels.

Suspension: for better control, handling, and feel
Even if you drive a sporty 335i, your BMW’s suspension has been tuned to provide a balance of cornering precision and ride comfort to suit a wide range of drivers. This means that there’s lots of room for improvement. Take the Dinan Performance Spring set for the F30 335i as an example – it will lower the car by ¾” at the front and the rear. A lower car means improved aerodynamics and less body roll through the corners. Spring stiffness also goes up by 30% over the standard model.

If you want a suspension upgrade that allows for maximum flexibility, consider an Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System – in this specific instance, for the E82 1M coupé, some of the highlights of this system are:

  • Bump spots to improve ride quality, even at lowered ride heights
  • Dinan Quiet Design Camber plates for everyday comfort and quiet, unobtrusive operation
  • Greater suspension travel (up by 12mm in front and 7mm at the rear)

The range of springs and coil-overs are extensive, so visit the Dinan website to find parts for your model.

Exhaust system: for more power and a sexier sound
Similar to your suspension, your BMW’s standard exhaust system will have been designed to accommodate the needs of many different drivers, living in operating conditions that are vastly different to those of Florida.

While an upgraded exhaust system won’t realize the same performance gains as turbocharging, by reducing back pressure, you can still see useful gains in horsepower. Plus, a marked difference in sound reproduction will add to the enjoyment of driving your BMW, especially as turbocharging and emissions regulations have resulted in the average Bimmer sounding a lot more muted now compared to a generation or two ago.

For the recently upgraded 340i (previously the 335i), Dinan’s Freeflow Stainless Steel Exhaust includes a Helmholtz chamber to reduce drone and resonance, often an annoyance of inferior aftermarket exhaust systems. The stainless steel construction will resist corrosion for many years, and if you prefer your motoring music with a bit more bass, this is the system for you.

Finally, what would your BMW upgrade be without a little bit of bling to match the brawn? Dinan also stocks a range of performance wheels for most BMW models. Even at 20 inches in size, these weight-optimized, aluminum wheels will complement the other upgrades made to your car. Available in silver and black, you can choose a design that best matches your car’s unique finish.

To take a look at the full complement of Dinan performance parts, pay a visit to their website for more information. You are also welcome to consult us at our workshop for modification ideas or for more detail on specific parts. Whichever combination of parts you choose, rest assured that you’ll be ending your year off on a high note, and with a better car.

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