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A Complete Dinan Makeover For Your BMW

Dinan performance parts

Dinan Performance Parts For Your BMW

In all honesty, there are no limits when it comes to modifying your car. It can be the most exhilarating thing, knowing that your car responds to the slightest of touches and rewards you with a boost unlike any other. If you want to give your car a complete makeover as well as get the most precision out of your vehicle, it’s best to go the tried and trusted route of using Dinan performance parts.

Generally, when it comes to modifications, you have free reign over what you would ideally like to do. The only limit is your imagination and your budget. There are various perks of modifying your car and these include but are not limited to precision performance on the road as well as better safety features (if you’re using your car on the track) and enhanced visual appeal.

There are several modifications that you could make to your vehicle using these high precision parts from Dinan:

Performance Intake

  • Now it may seem like a little thing, but one little thing can pack a mighty punch. One of the key areas to modify would be your vehicles intake. An intake improves the airflow to the engine, which in turn will make the car perform better with increased power and efficiency.

Bigger Turbocharger

  • If you’re upgrading your intake, it may help to upgrade the turbocharger soon after if not at the same time. In simple terms, a turbo force feeds cool air into the engine to increase the power output of the engine. The engine cylinders therefore burn an increased amount of fuel at a faster rate.

Bigger intercooler

  • This is also a type of performance intake. It cools all the air that is compressed by the turbocharger to increase the density of the air. By increasing the density of the air in the engine, more fuel can be burned, once again increasing the power output of your vehicle. A handy thing to remember is that an intercooler does increase the dependability of your vehicle as it ensures that the air intake temperature remains constant.

Exhaust Modification

  • Depending on what you want out of your vehicle a modified exhaust may just be the thing you’re looking for. There are a wide variety of modifications for you to choose from, which will enable you to choose exactly what you want out of your exhaust: High performance with no drone or resonance while driving.


  • Suspension ensures that your BMW can handle any curve, giving you better control and an amazing feeling as you drive. There is an extensive range of coil-overs and springs available for you to choose from.

Remember to ensure that your vehicle mechanics aren’t compromised, it is important to utilize parts that will work with your vehicle. This guarantees you the peace of mind to enjoy your new performance modifications. If you’re still not sure about what exactly you’d like for your vehicle, take a look at the full list of Dinan performance parts on their website. For a list of our comprehensive performance & styling packages, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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