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What Numeric Racing’s Parts Can Do For Your Porsche

numeric racing parts

Customizing Your Porsche with Numeric Racing Parts

Porsche has no doubt done a stellar job in designing a vehicle that can be used by anyone in a range of conditions. The way it is built makes it as suitable for a quick trip to the shops as it does for a car race at a high altitude on a mountain road. However what you do with your Porsche is up to you and the fact that you only use it in a narrow range of conditions allows you to update and tailor it to your intended use. If you are interested in speed, durability, precision and performance, it may well be in your interest to modify your Porsche with some of Numeric Racing’s parts which are listed below. Find out exactly what they can do for your Porsche.

Competition shifter
The competition shifter offered by Numeric Racing is the only ball bearing adjustable short throw shifter available for Porsche. Made from aerospace grade aluminum and stainless steel, this multi-adjustable racing shifter provides for the utmost accuracy and precision. In fact nearly every Porsche racing team in the United States makes use of this part. The competition shifter will cut down significantly on your gearshift times by decreasing the throw by up to 40%. This eliminates all unnecessary movements thereby reducing driver error. Such a modification is crucial where the driving takes place under high-speed and demanding conditions.

Performance shifter cables
Performance shifter cables are offered by Numeric parts for the 996/997 as well as for the 986/987. Due to the fact that OEM shifter cables will inevitably break at some point, it is recommended that, for general maintenance, these be replaced in order to prevent such an incident from occurring. Numeric Racing’s shifter cables provide a lot more strength, performance and durability. In addition these shifter cables will completely eliminate any excess movement which cause cable breaks in the first place.

Numeric shift base risers
Numeric shift base risers are used for vehicles which have no center console. These are made from aerospace aluminum and can be added to the competition shifter for easy access shifting.

Wheel spacers
Numeric Racing offers the highest quality and lightest weight wheel spacers on the market. These come in a variety of sizes, all making use of a hub-centric design which allows for a balanced system free of any vibrations. Not only are wheel spacers frequently fitted in order to enhance the aesthetics of the car and make it appear more ‘aggressive,’ a wider stance also offers a slight enhancement of the performance of your Porsche. Wheel spacers push the wheel further away from the chassis which widens the track. This increases the amount of grip your Porsche has in corners, allowing for faster cornering. Furthermore wheel spacers will increase the scrub radius, which will allow the steering wheel to recenter itself more easily. Depending on the size of the wheel spacers, this could result in heavier steering. Lastly wheel spacers are also used to ensure that a particular set of wheels, which have the incorrect offset, fit the vehicle properly.

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