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European Auto Repair: Oil Consumption & Changes

European Auto Repair

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When it comes to European auto repair, over the years, oil usage and consumption trends have changed considerably. Traditionally, it was the norm for most engines to burn a small amount of oil, with oil top-ups being common every 1000 miles or so. The 20th century brought about many changes to oil usage as acceptable emissions levels became more stringent. The demand for extra fuel mileage has also driven the market to develop more efficient engine oils. With all of these changes and advances, European vehicles have developed specific oil requirements. We are here to help you understand your cars oil consumption and how best to manage oil changes for your European beauty.

Small Engines Create Unique Challenges

The plus side is that smaller engines are often more efficient, but a smaller engine creates the challenge of reducing the engines load capacity. The other challenge is enabling these smaller engines to produce more power from a limited size. Engine load on many European cars has been improved by using lower viscosity oils. The viscosity of an oil is essentially its resistance to flow. Although lower viscosity oils help reduce engine load, this also increases the potential for higher oil consumption, as the oil passes through the piston rings more easily.

The Best Oil for European Vehicles

European cars of today have high tech designs and often require very specific oils. Make sure you use approved synthetic oils that have been engineered to work well for your engine type. As the owner of a European vehicle you need to look out for ACEA specifications on your oil. These specifications were designed in Europe specifically for European vehicle manufacturers. They meet the exact lubrication requirements and oil change intervals that are set out by the vehicle manufacturers. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport we’ll be able to make sure your engine gets the correct approved oil to give your vehicle the best performance and reliability.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Oil

To use a non-approved, or incorrectly spec’d synthetic oil can wreak havoc with your engine. At first you may not notice anything out of the ordinary, but over time, the incorrect oil will start to do irreparable harm to your engine. When you’ve invested so much in a good engine, it’s really important to maintain it correctly by using the right oil. This is why it’s important to know your engine oils even before you book your car in for a service. Using the wrong oil can even do more harm that using the right oil for a little longer than the recommended limit. 

When To Change Your Oil

Some manufacturers recommend 3000 miles, others recommend 5000 miles, and some even recommend higher numbers. We recommend that you follow the advice of a reputable European auto repair facility. As these facilities work on European cars daily, they will be able to advise you best when it comes to knowing how often to change your oil. A well-respected auto repair facility will also be able to advise you on the optimal service interval when it comes to oil changes. Following a factory scheduled maintenance plan will give your vehicle a much longer life.

Consult A European Auto Repair Specialist

It’s advisable that you use an experienced and profession technician when it comes to oil changes. Their experience will be invaluable as they may be able to advise you on a particular oil that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport we are experts when it comes to synthetic motor oil replacement. We offer oil replacements for a variety of European car manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

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