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European Auto Service Professionals In South Florida

European Auto Service

Considering the meticulous precision that goes into the unique engineering of your European performance car, you should expect only the highest quality automotive maintenance services to be carried out. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has a team of passionate, skilled technicians standing by to offer you the best service. We offer professional European auto services on a range of luxury models. This includes BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Bentley, and Mercedes. We base our services on the recommendations of official manufacturers; and we’re also able to tailor our services to suit your needs.

Audi Services

We offer factory service requirements for each specific model and the model year. We follow the Audi Maintenance schedule. Depending on your further specifications, we’re able to adapt our services to your driving style, the year of your model, and the trim you prefer. Audi Service USA specifies a:

  • 20,0000-mile interval scheduled maintenance which includes and is not limited to, the engine, wheels and brakes and electronics.
  • 40,000-mile interval scheduled maintenance which includes and is not limited to a road test, wheels and brakes testing and engine and transmission.

Rolls-Royce Services

To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, some Rolls-Royce models may require different services depending on the kind of equipment that is installed on your vehicle.

  • 6000-mile service includes and is not limited to engine and transmission, wheels and tires, and electronics.
  • 12,000-mile service includes an additional engine and transmission check, as well as wheels and electronics.
  • 24,000-mile service will include an engine and transmission check and a few components on your wheels.
  • Beyond this, we recommend various services and replacements.

Bentley Services

Our Bentley service offerings follow the general Bentley USA service outlines but, depending on the age of your vehicle, we are able to specify further recommendations to keep your Bentley in top condition:

  • 0-12 months is considered a first-year service which will include minor replacements and checks as your vehicle is most likely still in factory condition. That being said, should there be any concerns or faults we will diagnose and correct according to Bentley USA quality standards.
  • Second-year service will include further necessary part replacements such as wiper blades and filter changes. Additional checks will be carried out on brake fluid and fuel additives.
  • From 13 months and beyond, we will continue to monitor, replace, and amend key elements of your car’s performance. We will address issues that may affect the overall drive of your car to ensure it remains at peak performance.

BMW Services

The service recommendations for BMW models mostly refer to models beyond 1999. Our extensive experience in BMW models allows us to offer you the service you need for your BMW model based on your specific needs which can be affected by driving style, equipment that has been installed, and overall usage.

  • Oil and safety service should be done every 10,000-miles or every 12 months. This includes wheels, brakes, the engine, and secondary systems,
  • Inspection 1 should be done from 30,000-miles and every 60,000-miles thereafter.
  • Inspection 2 will occur every 60,000-miles which will include a list of Inspection 1 specifications as well as any other replacements that need to happen.

Ferrari Services

Service intervals for Ferrari go in 12,500-mile increments, with the first service taking place at 6,250-miles. It is important to note that the vehicles can and should be serviced on a yearly basis. Every inspection will include a road test and oil changes should happen on a yearly basis at a minimum. Our experts can give you valuable Ferrari tips and tricks to ensure you keep your vehicle in top shape.

Lamborghini Services

Lamborghini recommends 9,000-mile interval services or, a yearly inspection:

  • 9,000-mile service includes replacements on engine elements and inspections on tires, brakes, steering control, and suspension.
  • 18,000-mile service is a bit more detailed and after inspection, replacements will be done as needed.

Our team is ASE Certified and have specialized training in specific Lamborghini models to ensure we give your vehicle the best service.

Mercedes-Benz Services

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Systems USA breaks down their services into Service A and Service B:

  • Service A is a 10,000 mile where elements of the engine, wheels, and brakes, and secondary systems are checked.
  • Service B is a 20,000-mile factory maintenance service interval where the further engine, wheels, brakes, chassis, underside, and secondary systems are checked.

We accept Mercedes-Benz extended warranties and service plans which means that we cover older models too.

Maserati Services

Maserati Service USA groups its services into 2 categories namely, Premium Service and Premium Service Plus.

The Premium Service includes engine and secondary checks which are done at the following intervals:

  • 24 months/25,000-miles
  • 36 months/37,500-miles
  • 48 months/50,000 miles

The Premium Service Plus offers servicing on further general elements of your vehicle and further inspections. This can be done at:

  • 24 month/ 25,000 miles
  • 36 months/ 37,500-miles
  • 48 months/50,000-miles

These intervals are based on whichever comes first: miles or months.

Porsche Services

Specific Porsche models require different services. Minor services can occur every:

  • 1, 2, 6 or 10 years
  • 10,000-miles, 20,000-miles, 60,000-miles and 100,000-miles

Major services can occur every:

  • 4, 8, or 10 years
  • 40,000-miles, 80,000-miles, 120,000-miles

Additional Porsche services will be required on specified models.

European Auto Service Professionals In Pompano Beach

If you’re in the South Florida area and looking for work to be done on your classic European model or one of the latest exotic models, we’re here to assist. Foreign Affair Motorwerks is home to an advanced workshop where we’re equipped with the best technology in diagnostic tools which was designed to give you top quality workmanship. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

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