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Why Is Regular Vehicle Maintenance Important?

vehicle maintenance

Cars are complex machines with many different parts. You want to ensure that all these parts are maintained well as one faulty part can affect how your whole driving experience. Regular vehicle maintenance checks will keep your car in its top running condition. This not only saves you time and money over the long run, but it also keeps you and your family safe. Here are the top car maintenance tips to keep you one step ahead.

Keep Your Car Lubricated

Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated and protected. It’s the lifeblood of your engine and keeps things running smoothly. It also prevents carbon deposits from collecting n your engine which will cause damage over time.

Over time oil begins to degrade and loses its lubricating and cooling effectiveness. When the oil isn’t changed regularly it starts to become sludgy which can damage your engine severely. Coolant levels should also be checked consistently as they play an important role in keeping your engine cooled.

Filter Out The Bad Stuff

Your vehicle contains several filters which all perform necessary tasks. Engine related filters include the oil, air, fuel filters. These all help to prevent carbon build-up on your engine components which can lead to increased consumption and environmental emissions.

Your car will more than likely also contain pollen and dust filters which filter the air entering your cabin. These filters help to promote the air quality in the cabin which is what you and your passengers will be breathing in. Any dust, pollen, or contaminants will be prevented from entering your ventilation system. Monitoring all of these filters can get confusing so it’s best to use a reputable auto repair facility for your vehicle maintenance.

Tire Pressure Keeps You Safe

It’s important to never assume that your tires are fine as under-inflated tires can be a safety concern. Remember that changes in temperature and altitude affect tire pressure levels, so it’s best to correctly inflate your tires after a long-distance trip. A tire specialist will ensure that your tires are inflated correctly and will also be able to spot any other tire problems you might have.

Regular tire alignment checks also go a long way to ensuring that your suspension is performing well. When your tire alignment is out, you may notice a pulling or veering to the one side. This will not only wear your tires down unevenly, but it’s also a safety concern on the road. A tire alignment center will use specialized machinery to set your alignment to optimal levels.

Life-Saving Brakes

Car brakes can take a hammering over time. Just thinking about it, every time that you need to stop your car, you’re using your brakes. Over time your brake pads and discs begin to wear and need to be checked out regularly.

You can begin to prolong the life of your brakes by braking less harshly and easing onto the pedal. Try to anticipate the need to brake from a distance instead of braking sharply. Going lighter on the gas pedal will also help your brakes to last longer. Most importantly, make sure that you maintain your brakes regularly. It may just help save your life.

The Harsh Florida Climate

Cars can take a pounding in the Florida climate. Florida’s hot summers can cause your car to be exposed to harmful UV rays which can lead to damage over time. UV rays can affect your car’s bodywork and lead to potential overheating if your cooling system isn’t up to scratch.

Then there are also hurricanes to watch out for. Hurricane weather includes severe winds and harsh rain. These elements can easily cause damage to your car. Your car may require occasional bodywork to keep it shiny and smooth.

Your Vehicle Maintenance Specialists 

Cars require constant attention to perform at their best and keep us safe. Remembering all of the above steps can be overwhelming and you’re bound to forget something now and again. This is why a scheduled vehicle maintenance plan is recommended. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we will ensure that you never miss a car service. We take the hassle off you and will advise on an optimized scheduled maintenance plan for your car. Entrust us with your regular vehicle maintenance by calling us today at (954) 746-0488.

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