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Factory scheduled maintenance for your older car

factory scheduled maintenance

One of the undeniable advantages to owning a German luxury car is that, even beyond the 100,000-mile mark, the quality of materials used and the general build quality means that your older car still feels pretty special from behind the wheel. Unfortunately, factory scheduled maintenance does become even more important, especially for vehicles carrying many complex electrics and components.

If your car has started feeling just a bit ‘tired’ and weary from behind the wheel, but you have no intention of selling anytime soon, there are some great, relatively simple ways to get your pride and joy feeling refreshed again.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

For those muggy, humid Florida days, your car’s air-conditioner is a lifesaver – that’s if the air coming out of it doesn’t have that awful, musty smell. De-odorizing your air-conditioner is a great way to make your car – and you – feel fresh. Doing this will entail getting the vents, air filter (if there is one), and vacuum system cleaned out, giving you the cool air you want without the nasty whiff.

Flush Those Fluids

Fluids keep your car operational, and without them, critical components won’t be able to do their job. While we all know about the importance of changing your oil, some fluids are taken for granted, such as your power steering fluid. This fluid should be flushed too, especially on older models, to maintain the efficiency of the hoses, pump, and seals. Brake fluid, too, will become contaminated over time and negatively affect the metal and rubber parts it comes into contact with. Basically, although these fluids may be able to do their job for long after they’ve needed a refresh, you will gradually feel a ‘stickiness’ and lethargy from your major controls if you don’t keep an eye on them.

Get Your Dashboard Fixed

Making your car feel new again is just that: a sensation of newness without actually buying a new vehicle. It therefore makes sense that you’d want to focus on the areas you most often see and touch. When it comes to older cars’ dashboards, you’ll often find tiny cracks, a lack of illumination, and steering wheels and gear levers that are badly worn. Most of these can be fixed without too much trouble, and they’ll make the world of difference when it comes to feeling good behind the wheel.

Aftermarket Intake and Exhaust Systems

While standard factory scheduled maintenance should never be ignored (especially on older models), you can take things a step further by considering a new cold air intake system and exhaust system for your older German model. While your motor may have lost some of its potency due to age, these additions can allow it to breathe easier and release a few more horsepower.

Replace Those Yellowing Lenses

Probably one of the first giveaways of an aging car are those unflattering, faded headlamp lenses. Older cars tend to use plastic composite covers which eventually will dull over time. While this is an annoyance, it does also mean that replacing them with newer items couldn’t be easier. New lenses will instantly shed a few years off your car’s appearance, plus there’s the added safety benefit of better illumination.

As you can see, with just a day or two in the workshop, you can ensure that driving your older model around town doesn’t feel like a chore.

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