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Mercedes workshop

If you’re taking your car in to have some work done, chances are that whatever you need will fall under either general maintenance or upgrades, be it cosmetic or mechanical. For keen, attentive drivers who regularly take their cars in, our Mercedes workshop offers the best of both worlds, as we do everything under one roof.

This means you don’t have to visit many different niche workshops that only offer a specific service.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Should your Mercedes or BMW need to go in for its service, you’ll be pleased to know that as German car specialists, we have both the equipment and trained technicians needed to work on your car. We start off by performing a detailed inspection on your car’s major systems, which is an opportunity to pick up on any issue you may be unaware of. A cost estimation following our inspection will be sent to you; this means you’ll always know exactly what work is being carried out on your vehicle.

As per the Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Systems USA service sheet, we adhere fully to the unique requirements for your specific model and model year. The same procedure is followed for services to Audi, BMW, and Porsche cars at our workshop.

As per general Mercedes guidelines, your service will include synthetic motor oil replacement, inspection of the cooling system, and a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s electronics – this includes a check for any manufacturer recalls for your individual model. For example, Mercedes will be recalling one-million vehicles worldwide (with recalls in the U.S beginning in July), following a fire risk.

Preventative Maintenance

While factory scheduled maintenance is vital to keep your Mercedes in top shape, it’s good preventative maintenance that will go a long way to ensuring your vehicle avoids any serious mechanical mishap further down the line. In this area, we look at important parts such as your belts, checking for extreme temperatures under operation, premature wear, and possible misalignment.

The same is true for hoses, as these parts are susceptible to leaking and cracking. A good preventative maintenance schedule (which can be provided by our technicians) means that you’re unlikely to run into any nasty surprises when bringing your car in for its scheduled annual service.

Mercedes Performance and Styling

If you’re looking to make your Mercedes stand out on the road – or even on the race track – our performance and styling team have all the expertise necessary to get the job done. As an authorized dealer for some of the world’s most respected automotive parts suppliers, we can help you create a bespoke machine that suits whatever your needs are.

Our services in this area include:

  • Turbo and intake upgrades
  • ECU remapping
  • Performance exhaust systems
  • Sports wheel and tire packages
  • Titanium wheel bolts
  • Sports seats
  • Color-matching of interior trim

By opting for one of our Mercedes Performance Packages, you don’t have to go through the complex task of choosing your upgrades individually; rather, this package will look at a general improvement to your car that you can see, feel, and enjoy.

As your one-stop shop for all things Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Porsche, there’s no need to take your car anywhere else!

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