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How to Keep Your Car Going Between Services

At Home Remedies Between Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Do you love your car? Of course you do! And why shouldn’t you? It is an incredibly beautiful example of function meeting form, and there are few things more satisfying than having this precision machine run the way it was created to run. To make sure that your car keeps its purr between the factory scheduled maintenance checks, there are a few small and easy things you can do that won’t dent your pocket. The fact is that if you look after your car properly you will inevitably reduce the likelihood of massive repair bills by catching a potentially small problem early on before it becomes a major issue. With the correct care you will be able to save money in the general running of your vehicle and even ensure a longer lifespan or a better resale value. Here are some of our suggested tips on how to keep your car going between services.

Get to know the service manual of your car.
Written for you as a guide by the people who designed and built your car it should show the regularity you will need a service, how often to carry out maintenance tasks, and when replicable parts might need changing. Using the service manual, you can plan ahead for maintenance and repair costs.

Watch the dashboard for messages.
The dashboard will light up warning signs if there is a problem, take heed and check it out straight away. Having the problem checked could help save you large repair costs later on.

Check your cam belt often.
If your cam belt fails, you could be looking at serious engine damage which could cost you much more than changing it as recommended.

Check your tires often.
An important and easy tip is to give your tires a check at least once a month to make sure they are properly inflated. Not only will this work toward better mileage on both the tires and gas, but it will also give you a smoother ride overall. Furthermore, checking that the wheel alignment is correct on your vehicle by feeling for a pull on the steering wheel will stop unnecessary wear on your tires.

Use technology to aid you.
The internet has all the information needed to anyone who is looking to fix their car. Try searching through a host site to forums for specific makes and models of cars for help diagnosing problems or to get second opinions. Also sites like repairpal and autoMD can help you determine how much you should be paying for repairs.

Diagnostic tools that can be used at home can aid you to identify problems early and respond straight away. On-board diagnostics or OBD-II is technology that scans your car for ODB codes and translated them into a language you can understand so you can comprehend what has gone wrong. With ODB devices you can troubleshoot at home or with your smartphone to identify problems on your own. There are many code readers and scanners available, some are specific such as those available for Porsche at or simple apps that require little more than a smart phone, a Bluetooth dongle, and a download such as OppositeLock or Torque Pro for Android. Using on-board diagnostics will help you check your cars health and tell you what problems you have before you take it in to be fixed.

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