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Importance Of Your 20,00-Mile Interval Audi Maintenance Service

Audi Maintenance

Many view taking their car in for a service as an unnecessary expense, especially when there are so many other payments that need to be made. Following a strict maintenance schedule, Audi owners should be taking their cars for minor and standard maintenance at regular intervals. The first major service an Audi should go for is the 20,000-mile interval maintenance service, where the battery and major systems are checked for damage or leaks. With experts in repairs and maintenance of Audi and other makes, Foreign Affairs Motorsport will be able to assist you with all your car needs.

The Benefits Of A Car Service

Following a maintenance plan from the manufacturer is the easiest way to keep your car in optimal working condition. Besides being able to save you money, regular car maintenance is designed to keep you and your passengers safe while on route to your destination.

  • Increasing Value

    Buying a car is one of the more expensive purchases that people have to make, so when it comes to selling an old car, we would like to get the highest possible price for it. Second hand cars with a full-service history from a recognized dealership will attract more buyers, allowing for a higher selling price. It is arguably more important than what the car looks like, as it shows that the car has been looked after and that the people inside will be safe while driving it.

  • Safety

    Regular service intervals include a list of vehicle parts that need to be checked for the service to be complete. These checks include the brake system and other car components essential for your safety. Regular service of your vehicle will allow you to drive around knowing that your vehicle is road worthy and safe to be in.

  • Keeping Money In You Pocket

    Many live under the misconception that they are saving money by skipping their car services. Just because you can’t see the problem, doesn’t mean that it is not there. Regular car services can help to identify any potential problems with the vehicle before an easy fix becomes an expensive fix. Maintenance of your oil and air filters also allows for your car to become more fuel efficient, saving money on petrol.

  • Prolong Its Life

    We all buy a car hoping that it will last a good couple of years. Regular car maintenance services help this to become a reality, by improving the life span of your car and allowing for trouble-free driving.

Why The 20,000 Mile Interval Maintenance Service Is So Important

The Audi brand strives for extravagance and performance, which is why they tend to have a strict maintenance schedule which is more regular than most other manufacturers. It alternates between minor and standard maintenance. The 20,000-mile maintenance service is the first major service that your car will receive, also known as a standard maintenance. It includes 24 items on the checklist, and making sure the following are in good working condition:

  • Battery
  • Engine Compartments
  • Cooling System
  • Exhaust System
  • Axles and Underbody

The 20,000-mile Audi interval maintenance service is the first major service, on all of the major components of your car. Not taking care of your car properly can become an expensive task to fix later on. Give Foreign Affairs Motorsport a call today for help, or advice on the next steps to take in looking after your car. Having been in the business since 1978, you will be able to relax and know that your car and your safety are in good hands.

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