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Keep Your McLaren in Top Shape With Service And Maintenance

McLaren Service And Maintenance

Maintaining your McLaren is important. If you’re going to invest in a McLaren, make sure you service it regularly to maximize its potential.

McLaren is an interesting niche in the performance automotive market. Not as renowned as Porsche or Ferrari, they are none the less an extremely respected marque and exquisite car to drive. Their handling and cornering abilities are hard to beat and only very experienced drivers can hold off the brake long enough into a corner to push the car to its limits.

The 12C, one of the first recent McLaren street super-cars to make it to the U.S., was basically their trailblazer and very revolutionary in many ways. There were a few teething problems that aren’t uncommon for performance auto manufacturers. The 12C was a small batch design using handcrafted components. This pushes design boundaries and deviates from the tried and trusted recipe that mainstream auto manufacturers such as Ford or Toyota apply. A few owners reported issues like cracking windshields, fading climate control displays, and in isolated cases transmission failure.

Most of these problems were fixed by McLaren under warranty in the first few years of ownership. So, what does this mean to current owners? At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we’ve put together a shortlist of three things that you need to focus on to keep your McLaren in perfect condition:

#1 Drive It! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A McLaren is not a Porsche. It is a jealous car and loves to be on the road as much as possible. Driving it ensures proper lubrication to all the seals, which circulates the fluids and prevents sludge buildup. Driving retains the flexibility of the rubber suspension components and generally helps everything function smoothly.

Take your McLaren on a few longer trips to get the engine and transmission up to operating temperature. Ferdinand Porsche is famous for saying that he loved to drive a thoroughly warmed up car, and this takes a little more driving then your average blast around town. A tip to first time McLaren buyers – look for a car that has been driven regularly. Driven cars have already had most of their issues ironed out and are less likely to generate expensive repair bills. ​​​​​​

#2 Regular Fluid Changes

This is true for any performance car. Whether you drive your McLaren a lot or not, make sure that you change oils (both transmission and engine) and coolant at the specified intervals or even before them! Use quality spec oil and filters. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert ASE certified team at Foreign Affairs Motorsport. Oil changes clean out your engine, removing sediment and making sure the fine tolerance surfaces are adequately lubricated.

#3 Replace Consumables

Some service parts have a finite life, such as friction linings in the clutch and brake systems. It is critical to inspect and replace these components when necessary since your safety and that of others rely on your McLaren performing optimally. We advocate making aftermarket modifications to braking and suspension systems as this can really improve your McLaren’s driving prowess. However, ensure that they are regularly inspected and serviced with quality replacement parts.

McLaren is a true performance machine and owners tend to hold onto them for their sheer driving spirit. They are developing a cult following for being the wild child in the performance car area. Giving yours the necessary attention will ensure that it retains its investment value and appreciates as time goes by. If you are struggling with a strange technical problem – be sure to pop into our Pompano Beach Shop and chat to our friendly team for some solid advice.

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