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Looks Like a Boxster, Drives Like a 911

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The comparison between the Porsche’s 911 and its junior roadster, the Boxster, is the ultimate tale of sibling rivalry. Long has the Boxster lived in the shadow of the 911 in terms of pure power, and this difference has divided those who shop for the ultimate in Porsche performance into two camps: those who feel the lower price of the Boxster more than makes up for its performance shortfall, and those who will not settle for anything but the pinnacle of what Porsche performance can offer. Some say the Boxster is the Porsche for those who don’t wish to cause permanent damage to their wallets, but they would be surprised to learn that the gap between these two cars can be bridged with some performance upgrades specially made for the Boxster. We are going to look at some of the upgrades from our trusted suppliers that you may consider the next time you book your Boxster into the Porsche performance shop.

TrackTec Performance Package

For those looking to take their Boxster to the limits of its potential, there is the TrackTec Performance Package from FABSPEED for the 918 Boxster. This comprehensive package takes Boxster performance to the next level, allowing you to increase horsepower and torque while shedding weight and giving you full control over the sound that comes from your exhaust. As the most expensive and comprehensive of the upgrades that we will be looking at, this package is suited for serious enthusiasts looking to make their Boxster go toe-to-toe with the 911. The TrackTec package comes with the following performance parts:

  • Fabspeed TrackTec Valved Bypass Exhaust System
  • Fabspeed Sport Headers
  • IPD Competition Plenum Package
  • BMC F1 Replacement Air Filters
  • COBB Tuning Accessport V3

Brombacher Export Sport Muffler

This sport exhaust system comes from our trusted supplier, FVD Brombacher, and is based on the success of their previous “Sound Version” mufflers made for the Boxster and Cayman. This exhaust makes use of acoustic silencer absorption tubes, that reduce the drone and gives crisp, clear engine tones. These tubes offer far less flow restriction stock systems and this translates into larger horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire range of the engine rev. As far as performance goes, this should be the go-to sport muffler when wanting to give your Boxster a power increase to rival the Porsche greats.

Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Kit

Brakes are the counter-intuitive wonder-parts that increase your performance the faster they can make you stop. By allowing you to brake later into corners, and stay on the throttle for longer, adding a new break kit to your Boxster can give you that much-needed performance boost. One of our partners, AWE Tuning, offers the incredible Brembo Gran Turismo brake kit, one of the finest set of brakes in the industry, and are specially made to fit the Boxster. This kit offers a high-performance brake pads, increased thermal capacity and are DOT/TÜV certified. Choose from a selection of 4 gorgeous, oversized calipers that are sure to turn some heads.

Valvetronic Exhaust System

This premium exhaust system from FABSPEED was modeled off the highly successful GT4 exhaust. It comes with stunning carbon fiber tips, and weights 7lbs less that the factory rear muffler system, offering a much-needed weight reduction. Thanks to the two distinct valve positions, at the push of a button you can transform your exhaust from a quiet, neighborhood-friendly purr, to the roar of a free-flowing catback system that is sure to stun any who are fortunate enough to bear witness to it. This is a performance system that is not to be missed by those looking to give their Boxster a performance edge, and the sound to go with it.

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