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performance tuning

Cars these days are often shipped to an incredible standard, however, they are tuned to suit a wide variety of customers and driving styles. Enthusiasts know that performance tuning your car is essential to achieving the ultimate riding experience and taking your car to the brink of its tuning potential. The problem comes with deciding on which components will give the greatest benefit for your efforts, and how important those parts are when considering how to allocate your budget. Some upgrades are sure to turn heads, but they may not actually give your car the performance boost you are looking for. That’s why we are going to look at some essential upgrades that are sure to give your car a tangible improvement if you are considering performance tuning.

You can never go wrong with a good set of brakes when it comes to performance tuning

It may seem counter-intuitive to have an upgrade that makes your car slower in a list of performance tuning parts, but the reality is that a great brake kit is essential to maximizing the performance of your car. The brakes that are shipped with factory standard cars are very good, but they were designed to consider factors such as safety, breaking distance and fuel emissions. Having a performance breaking kit means that you can break later into any given corner, which allows you to be on the throttle for that much longer. If you are interested in having your car look its best, then choosing a brake kit with an eye-catching caliper is sure to draw some attention.

Your car may not be smart in the way you need it to be

Long gone are the days where fast cars were made solely of metal and brawn and the sweat of a man’s brow. Chances are that if you own a car made in the last few years it has some pretty fancy computers controlling a multitude of performance aspects that would previously have been tuned by hand. While this removes a certain level of control when trying to tune your engine, it adds a straightforward way to get a performance boost by simply upgrading the ECU software in your car. Modifying this software can greatly improve various aspects of your car’s performance, but be sure to have it done by a reputable tuner as if done poorly this procedure can completely destroy your engine.

Shedding a few pounds has never felt better

Weight is the ultimate enemy of anyone trying to maximize the performance of their car. A lighter car means you are quicker off the mark, get better fuel economy and can take corners much harder. This means that any part of your car that can be replaced with something lighter could potentially contribute to increasing your performance. If it fits within your budget, look at replacing your hood and roof with a much light carbon fiber panels and consider taking out unused seats or swapping them for much lighter variants.

Surprise, the bit that touches the road is rather important

The quality of your tires impacts the contact with the road, your acceleration, handling, and braking; there is no single upgrade that will give you a better all-round performance boost that upgrading to a quality set of tires. There is no set of tires that is too good for your car, and while you should aim to buy the best set that meets your budget, it is important to consider that tires are also the part that needs to be replaced most often. So, when considering performance tuning your car, think about how you will be driving and how often your tires will wear out to find a balance between getting the performance upgrade you need while not having to break the bank in the long term.

Some other upgrades to consider would be replacing your suspension kit, upgrading your stock pedals for precision control or adding a performance exhaust. If the part suits your performance needs and your budget, then neither you nor your car will regret the new addition. As an aside, it is important to note that spending $5000 on a pretty decal is not going to improve your 0-60.

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