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Mercedes Scheduled Maintenance | Don’t Skimp On Servicing

Mercedes scheduled maintenance

Your Mercedes scheduled maintenance is something you should never miss out on. Mercedes have crafted top quality performance machines that will continue to show off their best attributes that stand the test of time, keeping that special experience going even after years of driving. However, those high-quality performance parts need to be maintained at regular intervals, by accredited technicians, because even the best needs a spa day to recover from the wear and tear of daily life.

Keeping up with scheduled services allows our garage to perform a thorough assessment of your luxury car using the proper diagnostic tools, following the Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Systems USA guidelines for your exact model and year. This is critical as it allows us to catch anything that may turn serious before it is too late, becoming unrepairable or even life threatening.

Services should be performed every 10,000 miles, or once a year, to keep your vehicle in top shape. Here’s why:

A Service Will Keep Things Working Efficiently

Our Mercedes scheduled maintenance checks on your engine’s performance – the heart of your car – and ensures that all fluid levels are correct and that the oil is replaced to prevent clogging your beautiful Mercedes’ arteries. Oil gets old and thickens after a while, making the chances of gunk build up higher and higher.

Additionally, the systems and electronics are tested. The Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for your specific model are checked, and battery voltage is tested. As time passes we will also check parking break function and even interior items like seatbelt function. Items like these go through high usage every day and even though Mercedes has strived to offer you the best quality, there is nothing wrong with replacing something that is a bit sticky to keep everything feeling as smooth as that first ride.

Safety Checks

Your Mercedes is a performance and quality masterpiece. Think of it as an Olympic athlete. They go fast and hard, and look great while doing it, but a simple leak or sprain can cripple them and lead to problems further down the line that will incur great cost, even to your own life if left too late.

Our Service A plan includes making sure all warning lights, headlights and wipers are in working condition so that you aren’t left with any surprises, sitting in the dark with a car that won’t start. Wheels are checked for cracks and damage, brake pads are checked for wear and tear, and tire pressure is maintained.

More important checks occur in our Service B plan for cars with more mileage. We assess the chassis and underside of the car for leakages, chafing, and the mechanical steering components’ integrity. These additions check on the structural integrity of the moving parts of the car that may compromise the proper working of the car should they fail.

Keep Your Warranty

Due to our accreditation, our service provides you with the correct diagnostic tools and replacement parts for your car. We follow Mercedes’ manufacturer outlines to the letter and replace any parts that aren’t doing so well with new parts that not only keep your warranty, but may even prolong it. The moment you take your car to a garage that doesn’t have accreditation, you lose warranty, which can lead to high costs down the line if they didn’t do the right job.

Protect Your Car’s Value

Your luxury German car was a great financial investment, and it is possible to keep the value high with good maintenance. Resale value on a car is more than skin deep, so keeping the outside looking sexy does not mean the engine and moving parts are happy. Servicing keeps your car in peak condition and keeps the resale value high enough to be worthy of calling it an investment.

Save Money and the Environment

If you have been attending your services regularly, any parts that need a bit of love will be tended to and covered by your maintenance plan. If you haven’t, anything that has had a bit too much damage is potentially dangerous and could break at any time. Replacing new parts can become expensive, and replacing engines becomes exorbitant. You want to avoid a build-up of costly repairs as much as possible.

Additionally, if you ensure that everything is working smoothly and you have your oil replaced when it needs to be, your Olympic athlete of a car will be running at optimal efficiency. This means less effort is needed to work the engine, saving fuel and energy while you drive.

The benefits of servicing your car are more than reason enough to keep up with regular maintenance. Don’t let your investment fall to ruin when keeping it in prime condition is worth your time and your money. To schedule a service today, contact us at 954-746-0488.

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