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Mercedes Tuning Tips

mercedes tuning

Your Mercedes-Benz is no doubt a beautifully crafted and elegant auto that offers impressive all-round performance. But what if its performance could be even better with enhanced power and responsiveness? What if your driving experience could be given that extra thrill factor? Well, Mercedes tuning won’t disappoint. Specialized tuning will undoubtedly offer you more power, more torque, and more fun! Here’s are our top Mercedes tuning tips.

Get Energized With AN ECU

Electronic Control Unit’s, or ECU’s, can offer your car a 15% to 20% improvement in performance. Not only do they add more responsive acceleration, but they also increase that lower-end torque. Simply put, Mercedes tuning chips are electronic chips that help to increase your car’s performance.

Tuning chips control much of your engine performance and help your Mercedes to achieve better fuel consumption. Default ECU settings typically don’t give your car its best performance. This is where an ECU remapping can fine-tune your chip to give your Mercedes that extra bit of power and responsiveness; Certified Mercedes Tuning chips are safe and reliable. If it’s faster acceleration that you’re after, then a tuning chip is a great option.

Tune-up With A Turbo

Turbochargers and superchargers add extra power output by using compression technology. Turbos use heat created by exhaust gases to spin a turbine which drives a compressor. The compressor forces air back into the engine which makes more power available. Turbos add a delightful whining sound to the engine which most people enjoy.

Superchargers on the other hand are driven by the engine by means of a belt that compresses or squeezes air into your engine. The result being, you guessed it, more power! Supers and turbos both provide additional power to your engine.

Performance Exhausts

Exhausts can make your Mercedes sound and look sporty. They can even take your performance up a notch!

Tuned exhausts allow for better airflow for exhaust fumes which means more power and fuel efficiency. Exhaust tailpipes also come is various options and put the cherry on the cake, so to speak. The best part about a performance exhaust is a tasteful sound improvement. Your exhaust will be louder but tastefully so, in a way that creates more head-turning. Not only do Foreign Affairs Motorwerks offer top of the range exhaust kits, but they boast a comprehensive range of Mercedes performance and styling kits too.

Wheels That Squeal

Well not in a bad way, but in a way that drastically improves your car handling.

Performance wheels are also light and help to shed weight off of your Mercedes. But don’t be fooled by their lightness, as they still offer superior strength and resistance. Performance alloys come in many different shapes and sizes. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks will be able to advise you on the best wheels and suspension kit to go for. You’ll be amazed at what a new set of wheels will do for your car’s performance and its head-turning ability.

Sophisticated Styling

Performance body kits are what make your car stand out from the norm. Commonly constructed from carbon-fiber, body kit additions decrease overall weight while increasing performance. Styling options can include performance fenders, bumpers, wings, and even some sporty interior options.

The Mercedes Tuning Specialists

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks offers expert service for the full Mercedes-Benz line-up. Our team comes with more than 38 years of tuning and upgrading experience. We cover everything from aesthetic upgrades to engine reworks and everything in between. We’ll be able to give you expert and tasteful tuning advice that’s relative to your Mercedes model. Schedule your car’s appointment with us today 954-746-0488.

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