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Get Your Porsche Noticed With These Upgrades

Porsche Performance Shop

Cosmetically Modify Your Porsche At A Performance Shop

Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini – these vehicles resonate luxury and performance. The essence of a luxury product is that it is considered luxury without the need for branding and marketing – but rather it is undeniably “luxury” without any effort. The definitive aspect of luxury is introduced in the high quality, look and feel of the vehicle.

How do you make your luxury car superior?
Porsches are one of many luxury car brands, and their performance is right up there with their competitors. But there is always an opportunity to enhance the cosmetics of your vehicle, and in some cases, the cosmetic upgrades will also improve the aerodynamics and performance of your Porsche.

What are the cosmetic upgrade options for my Porsche?
There are multiple parts that you can add to your Porsche that will drastically escalate the cosmetic value. A consultation with a supplier and performance facility will allow for a personalized assessment of your Porsche, it’s capabilities, and how creativity can be used to leverage performance.

Titanium wheel bolts are an option of aesthetic enhancements for your Porsche, to give your wheels that shiny edge they desire. Carbon fiber aero kits and accessories are another option and have a direct effect on the aerodynamics of your car. Sports seats can be added for your comfort and internal visual pleasure. Another option is a short throw shifter which will reduce the distance that the stick must travel between selected gears, improve the time between acceleration and deceleration, improve durability, and can be chosen in various styles to suit the aesthetics of your vehicle. With very few cosmetic limitations, there are many options for colors, trimmings and accessorizing to make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

But there is so much more!
Cosmetic upgrades have many more benefits over-and-above the aesthetic pleasure and creative flair.

Other benefits from a cosmetic upgrade include:

  • Improved road performance
  • Less restrictive, and more engaging driving experience
  • Driver satisfaction
  • Improved safety
  • Improved visual appeal and aerodynamics

Regarding aerodynamics, downforce has proven to play a key role in automotive design. Airflow is split into two paths through an inverted aerofoil and a downforce is created. The speed of the two paths differs – the top is slower than the bottom. Thus, there is a high-pressure zone on top of the wing, and lower pressure underneath. Further reactions result in play with airflow that can potentially increase drag coefficient, and reduce fuel efficiency and speed.

Porsche has developed a PPA which fully retracts the front spoiler and rear wing when the speed is below 120km/h, but then switches to “speed” position when this speed is surpassed – balancing the aerodynamics and creating an ideal ride for high-speed cruising.

If you want a more specific focus on cosmetic and performance enhancements, consider a turbo upgrade, intake, engine control unit (ECU) remapping – all possible whilst maintaining the quality and exclusivity of your vehicle.

Another popular area for enhancements include track performance. Some areas to explore here include wheel and tire packages, suspension, coil overs, spring height, adjustable control arms, and sway bars.

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